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Grandy PD Blog
Grandy PD Blog
The Granby Police Department would like to welcome you to our web blog. The purpose of the blog is to keep you informed on current information.
I aim to misbehave
I aim to misbehave
Just a few ramblings from a confused guy. Cop. Husband. Father. Student. Former role playing gamer, in search of a group. Avid reader. Internet addict. Small "l" libertarian. Too many others to mention. The views and opinions expressed herein are my own,...
In Another Life
In Another Life is a vent for me. I'm a police officer, a sheepdog, a Dad to two great girls, a husband and the slave to two goofy labs. I write about the job, my life and about being an author. Welcome to my world!
Jack Catchem's Blog
My name is Jack Catchem. I was born in the Marine Corps and refined in Big City policing. I've since moved on to The City PD and use this blog to investigate the realities of California policing.
We encourage you to express your opinions about current events through respectful and insightful discussion. The Department reserves the right to refuse to post those comments that contain inappropriate language and/or material.
Love and Blues
A blog for law enforcement families that discusses marriage and family topics, parenting, and the quirks that come with the LEO life.
Motocop Blog
Motocop Blog
If you got stopped...you deserved it.
My Tin Family
My Tin Family
Postings of a cop.
Officer "Smith": Thoughts From Behind The Badge
I am a Police Officer in California, and I see things on a daily basis that most people don't. You may not agree with everything I say here, and that's fine, because I probably don't agree with everything you say either. We'll just agree to disagree,...
PC Bloggs - A twenty-first century police officer
PC Bloggs - A twenty-first century police officer
The police: upholding the law, protecting the weak and innocent, bringing the guilty to justice... or a self-defeating tangle of bureacratic vogons? The opinion in this blog is not official, but it is that of a real serving policewoman and is copyright...

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