Columbia Southern University

Depending on your career goals and objectives, an online criminal justice degree at Columbia Southern University could meet your needs. Whether you are interested in pursuing an associate, bachelor, or master degree, CSU makes it easy to schedule classes around your current position or family situation.

Columbia Southern University is a nationally recognized and accredited university based in Orange Beach, Alabama. A family-owned university, CSU is well known for its quality education, individualized student support, and family culture. Our engaging, online programs are designed to fit the lives and learning styles of busy working professionals. Developed in cooperation with industry partners, our relevant curriculum provides the knowledge and skills needed for career success. At CSU, most of our instructors are industry experts currently working in the fields they teach. As a result, they can provide the latest theories and best practices and help students apply these concepts in their jobs. Students also benefit from our comprehensive and individualized support services from enrollment to graduation and beyond, including career assistance and a vast alumni network. Depending on student’s course load and transfer credits, many programs can be completed in about 2 to 3 years, so students can see a return on their investment sooner. Tuition at Columbia Southern University is about one-third the cost of most other private universities with many financing options available. Graduates are prepared to excel in many of today’s high-demand career fields, including safety, occupational safety, fire science, emergency services, criminal justice, human resources, health care and business.

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