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In a matter of days, an opportunity for agencies--particularly those which are small or in rural areas--to potentially secure funding for counter-terrorism and crime-fighting equipment will be offered through the CEDAP grant program. In an effort to give PoliceOne members' agencies the chance to pursue an award in a timely fashion, P-1 sponsor ITT Industries has provided the following information on the program. With the application period opening soon, we urge you to promptly consider the following.

Equipment to Advance Greater Interoperability and Regional Preparedness Efforts Available through CEDAP Phase II
By Margaret Stark, Law Enforcement Grant Specialist, ITT Night Vision

On Nov. 7, the application period will open for Phase II of the Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of State and Local Government Coordination & Preparedness (SLGCP), CEDAP provides equipment and technical assistance directly to selected jurisdictions. Eligible agencies should begin preparing immediately to take advantage of CEDAP and obtain critical equipment to assist in preventing, fighting and responding to crime and terrorism.

CEDAP Overview

CEDAP is designed to complement the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP) and Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) by transferring equipment directly to smaller and more rural jurisdictions as well as non-UASI metropolitan areas. In doing so, CEDAP is intended to assist agencies and departments that would otherwise find it difficult to purchase or acquire critical equipment.

Agencies and departments of all sizes have been called on to undertake vital homeland security tasks. Key components of our nation's infrastructure, including petroleum pipelines, power grids, water supplies, agriculture and public transportation, are located in suburban or rural areas. The agencies and departments protecting these components must have the proper equipment to carry out their missions, as well as support larger, neighboring cities. CEDAP offers the opportunity to obtain the equipment needed, such as night vision technology. The night vision monocular offered by CEDAP provides a valuable surveillance tool useful in both terrorism prevention efforts and carrying out routine operations, including search and rescue, domestic disturbance response, foot patrols, fugitive apprehension and drug busts.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriff's Association and the Fraternal Order of Police all support CEDAP; in particular, they appreciate the lack of lengthy bureaucratic processes in the program.


Law enforcement agencies and departments that have not received funding to meet equipment requirements through UASI, SHSGP or any other DHS program are eligible to apply for equipment through CEDAP. To be eligible, applicants must also express how the equipment, if won, will be used in partnership with other first responder agencies, including but not limited to equipment sharing, regional response efforts and joint training and operations. Additionally, in Phase I of CEDAP, there was a size limitation of 50,000 or fewer residents, and the same restriction may be in place for Phase II. More information will be available as Nov. 7 approaches.


The general categories of equipment available through CEDAP are: a) personal protective equipment; b) rescue tools; c) thermal imaging, night vision and video surveillance tools; d) chemical, biological and radiological detection tools; e) information technology and risk management tools; and f) an interoperable communications gateway. Agencies and departments should consider carefully what available piece of equipment will best fulfill their existing needs and apply for that equipment accordingly.

Applicants can download the complete CEDAP catalog.


The CEDAP Phase II application period will open on Nov. 7, 2005, at 9 a.m. and close on Jan. 13, 2006, at 5 p.m. All applications must be submitted online through the Responder Knowledge Base (RKB). The RKB, a Web-based resource for first responders, is hosted by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, located in Oklahoma City.

There are two components of the application: the first establishes eligibility and the second incorporates multiple choice and essay questions to gather details about the applying agency or department's specific situation, needs and plans. The essay questions are particularly important in that they give the applicant the opportunity to explain, in detail, why the agency or department needs equipment through CEDAP in order to meet homeland security requirements and expectations. It is crucial that applying agencies and departments make clear how the requested piece of equipment would be used in regional counterterrorism efforts and emergency response plans as well as daily operations.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit the CEDAP home page on the RKB. During the application process, applicants also may call SLGCP's Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk at 1-800-368-6498 to speak with a help desk representative. For best results, thoroughly review CEDAP guidelines and materials before calling for assistance. The Special Programs Office at Ft. Huachuca can provide further assistance with equipment inquiries and CEDAP offerings; applicants can call 1-866-659-9170 to reach representatives there.

After reviewing closely CEDAP guidelines and information, agencies and departments may seek additional help with the CEDAP application process from Margaret Stark, Law Enforcement Grant Specialist at ITT Night Vision (ITT). Margaret works with law enforcement to offer complimentary assistance in identifying and applying for grants and other funding opportunities. Margaret may be reached by e-mail. CEDAP information also is available on the Law Enforcement page of the ITT Web site.

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