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Justice assistance grant preparation tools

The Justice Assistance Grant has provided many tools, technologies and programs for law enforcement over the years. The Department of Justice continues to develop new resources for preparing a JAG grant. The latest of these tools can be found at The Bureau of Justice (BJA) website.

BJA State Fact Sheets are in a box labeled “I want to” bottom right of the page.  One click and you find a US map. Click on your state to find a report on the JAG investments for your state. This document will assist you to understand what your state priorities are for this funding. Each state has a strategic plan for criminal justice.  For Example, in Pennsylvania, that plan can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crimes and Delinquency. In Indiana it is the Criminal Justice Institute. Your department should know your state’s contact for criminal justice planning and funding.  If not you may contact you State Administering Agency to get a contact name and number.

Both the State and Territory Fact Sheet and BJA Investment Sheet can provide you with an overview of where the JAG funding have been used to prevent and reduce crime in your state. By reading and synthesizing this information your department can better plans funding projects for your community.  In my classes and in my partnership with Policegrantshelp, it has become evident that many police departments are not familiar with the criminal justice funding requirements and conditions. For example, for the State JAG application, each state will have different priorities for funding.  You must use not ONLY the State JAG funding announcement but also the rest of the support documents and tools to be able to develop a competitive and fundable project. 

The JAG has three separate and distinct funding programs:

 1). The Justice Assistance Grant Program-State Formula- developed by using a formula-based  Part I and Part II crime data

 2). Justice Assistance Grant Program-22 Local Awards- Justice preselected funding

 3.) Justice Assistance Grant Program- Discretionary Funds (State priorities determined) competitive grant funding

JAG provides funding in many areas including criminal justice advisory boards, courts, victims of crime programs, pre-trial and alternatives for incarceration, mental illness and substance abuse, technology and information sharing to name a few.  For more detailed information about the JAG you need to visit the JAG program website. Here you will find more resources to assist in project planning and development, requirements condition, priorites and tools. Grant project development is a long process which starts with your department’s annual strategic planning for issues such as policing strategies, personnel needs, tools and technology planning as well as dovetailing your plans with your state plans to assure funding opportunities. 

Other useful tools for all law enforcement grants can be found at:

• Crime Solutions
• OJP Diagnostic Center
• JAG accountability Measures
• JAG Project Identifiers
• Publications
• Funding Announcements

And Heads Up News!

The Federal Government has passed a 2014 budget through September 31st 2014. 

The time is now to review the authorized grant programs and beginning developing a fully researched, well planned, competitive grant project and draft application. You will then be ready to apply when the funding announcement is posted.

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