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2015 Federal justice budget overview

The US Department of Justice has posted its FY2015 Budget Request. This request will be reviewed by Congress during the 2015 budget negotiation process. The President will present his proposed budget as well.  Now is the time to assess what your funding needs will be in 2015. At this point your department should have a fairly good idea of its funding needs for the next fiscal year. They are requesting $3Billion dollars

By reviewing the budget request you can determine if your needs are potentially going to be met by examining the details of this request. If your needs are not met at all, then you may need to rethink using a federal grant to meet your projected 2015 budget. 

For example, the breakdown includes $2.3 Billion for the Office of Justice Programs ($891.0 for mandatory grant programs such and the JAG and $59 million for discretionary funds such as the competitive grant for an increase of $1.5 million. Also submitted is a request of $248 million for COPS, which includes $274 million to continue the COPS hiring program. This is an increase of $67 million dollars over 2014.

A request for $410.3 million for the Office of Violence against Women has been submitted which includes a$12.2 million recission of prior year balances. For the Legal Assistance to Victims program, Campus Violence Grants to Support Families in the Justice System and the Transitional Housing program a request of $8.8 million was submitted

Now is the time to contact your elected officials to make sure they understand your fiscal needs. Use your strategic plan and fund development plan to demonstrate what your needs are. Provide a copy of this budget request along with a summary of your needs. They can then better understand what how this requested Justice Budget will impact their local law enforcement community.

Planning for your 2015 grant funding needs now will better assure your ability to justify the grant request when the future grant announcements are published. Although it is impossible to know what the final budget will be at this time, using the request can guide you planning activities now.

You may find the entire 2015 budget request summary here.

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