Texas city applies for SRO grants

The grant would fund three school resource officers for the Maricopa School District

Raquel Hendrickson

MARICOPA, Texas — The police department is applying for a grant to fund three SROs. City Manager Rick Horst said the three-year grant would fund 75%. The other 25% would be split between the City and participating schools. MUSD indicated its interest in participating in a letter to City Hall.

Horst said the positions would be filled by new employees. “We’ll make it clear upfront that this is contingent upon continued grant funds.”

“School Resource Officers add a great deal to our school environment,” Superintendent Tracey Lopeman said. “Not only do they provide law-related education, the presence of the MPD adds a sense of safety and security for students, staff and parents.”

Full story: City hopes to add more grant-funded officers to schools

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