Wis. LE can keep equipment purchased with $50M DNC grant

Security equipment purchased for use during the July convention can remain with the department after the convention

Isah Holmes
Wisconsin Examiner

MILWAUKEE — As the July 13 – 16 Democratic National Convention (DNC) nears, Milwaukee has become a focal point for law enforcement funding and resources. As the city awaits a response from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) next month on whether it will be awarded a $50 million federal grant to help with policing and security at the DNC, it is unclear exactly how the grant money would be used.

What’s known is the money can cover such things as overtime expenses and insurance, and can also be used to purchase police equipment and vehicles for the event. Wisconsin Examiner has also learned that any equipment purchased may remain in Milwaukee after the convention leaves town.

“The grant-funded spending for the presidential nominating conventions are related to law enforcement activities,” Kara McCarthy, a spokeswoman for the U.S. DOJ, told Wisconsin Examiner. “New vehicles and surveillance equipment, if used to support law enforcement activities, would be allowable expenses.” Equipment purchased through the grant, “can be retained by the city after the event is over,” McCarthy said. The MPD press office also confirmed the grant would cover costs including “bringing in outside law enforcement agencies and purchasing new equipment.”

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