P1 Gun Policy Survey Methodology

Methodology Description: PoliceOne's 2013 Gun Policy & Law Enforcement Survey

Our target audience for the survey was active and former law enforcement within the United States, which comprise the vast majority of PoliceOne.com’s audience. To reach this population, PoliceOne staff promoted via exposure both on PoliceOne.com as well as through email newsletters and a full-membership email promotion. No incentive was provided for users to take the survey.

The survey link was posted live on March 4th and responses were collected through Thursday, March 13th. In all, 15,595 users completed the survey among the 16,985 who began it, a 91.8 percent completion percentage – a highly meaningful level of response both in regard to PoliceOne’s audience as well as the U.S. law enforcement population in general.

Our survey included 29 questions, spanning topics from gun control policies and legislation to the root causes of and potential solutions to gun crime in the United States. In the final data, we rejected one question regarding criminal background checks due to flaws with the question details, highlighted by a handful of users.

Among the questions, we collected demographic data about law enforcement status (active, former or retired), rank and department size. An initial qualifying question was included to ensure only law enforcement status individuals participated in the survey; a ‘No’ answer led users to an explanation page, and any subsequent attempts to access the survey were blocked by IP address.

Creation of the survey was a collaborative process between different internal departments at The Praetorian Group, as well as feedback from external parties, which provided input only with no expectation of control. The questions were subject to several management reviews to ensure integrity, and went through several rounds of revisions prior to survey launch.

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