10 years after 9/11: A 'thank you' to those who serve

As the 10 year anniversary of the event of 9/11/2001draws near, my memory goes back to the initial events that unfolded before the eyes of the world. I well remember the horror and disbelief as two planes crashed into the twin towers. I can still recall people jumping to their death, law enforcement, fire, and rescue personnel dying while courageously doing their duty under chaotic circumstances.

There will be those who will call stridently for all to remain vigilant, to never forget what was done, to keep our guards up and never slack off. They preach to the choir. We know we will never forget, let out guard down, or slacken our vigilance.

What I would like to say is this: “THANK YOU.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to the men and women who patrol our streets and help keep them safe. Thanks to the special investigators and undercover people who help to find and eliminate trouble before it starts. Thanks to all the support people who assist the men and women on the street; without whom nothing would function as it needs to function.

Thanks to the men and women in our armed forces, our CIA, our diplomatic services who work on actionable intelligence and try to sort out the wheat from the chaff in a timely fashion.

They serve largely in silence, from a sense of patriotism and loyalty to country, mission and their fellow man. They care enough to commit themselves to a task that will never be done.

Now is the time to look around at your fellow citizens and know that their lives are still at risk from an enemy that doesn’t believe in coexistence. You affirm your values and your commitment to the fight by your daily actions in defense of this great nation.

There are some who wish to apologize for America’s so called “arrogance.” I do not. There are some who believe we meddle in the affairs of other countries. I say we intervene when it is morally right to do so for the sake of alleviating human suffering. America is always first when it comes to defending democracy and freedom. The apologists would have us believe that this is wrong. Churchill thought he could coexist with Hitler. History proves that theory wrong.

The middle east is aflame with rioting, fighting, brutality and violence. Perhaps it is the end result of the new democracies set into motion in Afghanistan and Iraq acting as a catalyst for change. The old guard is being challenged and new challenges await us.

One thing is for certain. There will always be those who seek to control others for their own gain. Whether they wield the scepter of religion, power, divine right or other reasoning, they remain dangerous if left unchecked.

You, in the various communities that protect, defend and serve this nation are that check. You are the balance in the face of evil that keeps them at bay.

With quiet pride and dignity, you go about your duties; knowing you are making a difference by your daily actions. By your preparation for the next time, you are helping to stop the next time from happening.

As someone once said a long time ago, the price of freedom is vigilance. We will never be the same nation that we were prior to 9/11. We know what sort of enemy we face and we are prepared for a fight to the finish if need be. We also serve as a shining beacon to the world about what freedom is all about. People fight to come to this country and live here. That is what the ones who seek to destroy us fear. That the people they seek to control will come to know the truth about democracy and true freedom to live, worship and pursue their dreams.

You are what keeps that dream alive. So, thank you, again, for your selfless service to your country and your fellow man. You are always appreciated in the hearts of the ones that matter, your fellow patriots who believe in this great nation and what it truly means to live free.

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