2 brothers help save San Antonio LEO under attack

William and Luis Mendez-Guzman stepped in after seeing the suspect kicking the officer in the head

By Amanda Lien

SAN ANTONIO — Two brothers helped rescue a San Antonio police officer during an altercation with a suspect Saturday night.

NEWS4SA reports an unidentified officer was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect attacked the officer, kicking him in the head and threatening to bite him. William and Luis Mendez-Guzman saw the altercation and stepped in.

“The man was reaching and swinging for the officer’s gun,” Luis Mendez-Guzman told NEWS4SA. “[The officer] seemed at a loss, that's when he started screaming for help.”

“We took off running, tried holding the young man down, the officer barely had a hold on one of his feet,” William Mendez-Guzman added.

The officer’s backup arrived to assist in the arrest. Video footage shows the officer picking up his broken body camera and thanking the brothers for their help.

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