Video: Cop befriends veteran with dementia, helps him move to senior care facility

Norm recently received the diagnosis

By PoliceOne Staff

ERLANGER, Ky. — An unlikely friendship blossomed between a sergeant and an elderly veteran after the man called police to report something suspicious. 

Sgt. Jon Sterling met Norm, a Korean War veteran, four years ago when he called police to report suspicious activity, WCPO reported.

Norm has lived in the same apartment for 18 years and was recently diagnosed with dementia. He’s become more reliant on other people’s help and has no family in the area. So Sterling stepped up. 


***UPDATE - Because of YOU Norm received more than what I asked for in less than 24 hours. A thousand thanks. Norm called me as I was walking in the door home around 6PM. I told him about it and he said I was going to make him cry. THANK ALL OF YOU!*** This is Norm. Norm lives alone. He is a Korean War veteran. I met Norm 4 years ago and we bonded immediately. Recently Norm's health has taken a turn. He was diagnosed with dementia. After a brief stay in the hospital the court awarded me guardianship of Norm. I've applied for veteran benefits for Norm and looked for a suitable placement for him. The good news is that between his Social Security benefits and new veteran benefits he can receive the care he needs. The bad news is that it will cost $5500 to get him in the door. Norm has no family to take care of him and I am determined to get him the help he needs. I took Norm to see the facility and he is eager to move in. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jon Frickin Sterling on 26hb Februari 2017

He applied for guardianship of Norm and has started a GoFundMe to move Norm into a senior care facility.

"He's come to a time in his life where he needs somebody to take care," Sterling said. "It's an easy thing to care. A lot of people have shown how much they care in less than a day."

Sterling said Norm can receive the care he needs through his Social Security and veteran benefits. They just needed $5,500 to get him into the care facility.

In less than 24 hours, Sterling and Norm met their goal, according to the GoFundMe page.

"He was enthusiastic about the facility," Sterling told the news station. "He immediately bonded with some of the people when he walked in."

Sterling said the two will stay friends and he’ll make an effort to visit Norm regularly. 

"If you didn't know him before his diagnosis you would say this guy is a little bit out there," he said. "Norm's like me. He was out there before the diagnosis."


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