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Ode to a wounded warrior

There are greeting cards for graduations, weddings, retirements, birthdays, illnesses, and every conceivable circumstance — but no words penned by Hallmark for the wounded warrior

Scott Bluedorn of the Jackson County Sheriff’s was recently dispatched to a “check welfare” call where a suspect was said to be despondent. The mission of mercy turned into an ambush, when the suspect, shot through a door, striking Deputy Bluedorn.

There was a six hour stand-off and eventually a SWAT Team delivered tear gas followed by an entry into the home. They found the suspect had shot and killed himself.

Scott was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the abdomen — he will recover. As I was looking for a card for him I discovered once again that there are cards for graduations, weddings, retirements, birthdays, illnesses, and every conceivable circumstance. I could find no words penned by Hallmark for the wounded warrior.

Since there are none I wrote some, for Scott and every soldier, police officer, deputy, state trooper, federal agent, who has faced unfriendly fire and survived, but not unscathed. It is also dedicated to my partner Gary Clements, who survived the serious wounds he suffered November 2, 1989 to become the longest serving Field Training Officer in the history of the La Crosse Police Department. He will be retiring after a long and inspiring career in 2011. His three sons — following his example of service to God and Country — have served or are serving overseas.

Feel free to send this — or offer your own dedication to any wounded warrior — who has risked his/her life for others.

Ode to the Wounded Warrior
By Lt. Dan Marcou

You raised your hand and stood there proud,
With fellow recruits you recited aloud.
With, “courageous calm in the face of danger”
You’d risk your life for a total stranger.

You picked up the gauntlet and served with pride
Brave men and women you stood beside.
Day in and day out you strapped on your gun,
Through dark of night and mid-day sun.

Then came that day, when came the test
You answered the call and gave your best.
With courageous calm you faced the danger
And you risked your life for a total stranger.

You faced knife, the gun, or the flash of steel
You survived, and now it’s time to heal.
The men and women that you served beside
Will tell others they know you, with pride.

Your example will help them face their test,
Better prepared than before, to do their best.
With courageous calm they’ll face the danger
As they risk their lives for a total stranger.

Thank you for your sacrifice and example of courage.
Recover and enjoy the good life you have earned.

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