Memorial Day events honor service, including police

Law enforcement officers are the soldiers of our urban streets

By PoliceOne Staff

As the nation pauses Monday to honor the brave soldiers who have gone abroad and sacrificed their lives for service, many commemorative events will also recognize law enforcement officers who keep us safe at home.

Jen Carver works for the Veteran Service Office at Weber State University in Utah, where a memorial in a campus veterans park will observe the day with oak trees wrapped in yellow for military, and blue and red for law enforcement and firefighting.

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Memorial Day is the avengers,” Carver, who served in Iraq, told The New Haven Register.  “…The people who actually do the job of avenging the U.S., the people who actually fight the wrongs. We have all the branches of the military, law enforcement, firefighters.”

In Philadelphia, police and fire personnel will be honored at a Memorial Day service in Society Hill at the Philadelphia Korean War Memorial, NBC Philadelphia reported

“They are the soldiers of our urban streets; they are the ones we look to for protection. When they put that uniform on and go out in the morning, they don’t know whether they are coming back anymore than someone in Afghanistan that is going out on a mission [does],” memorial president Bill Kelly said. has compiled a list of Memorial Day events by state.  

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