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Top 5 police videos of April

By PoliceOne Staff

Cameras in April caught police in some of their most heroic efforts — whether pulling a suicidal man from train tracks, preventing a crazed homeless woman from attacking an airport TSA officer, or taking down a thief just moments after he committed a crime.

Tell us your favorites in the comments below, and be sure to keep uploading good finds to BLUtube.


NJ police tackle robber moments after crime

Police zoomed in from all angles and took the suspect down in the middle of the street.


Wash. man TASERed 4 times, keeps fighting police

A family stuck in traffic caught the crazy ordeal on tape.


Off-duty cop thwarts attack at Honolulu airport

The officer was going through the security line when he witnessed an assault and jumped into action.


Calif. police confiscate 2 lb. joint at 4/20 celebration

The 4-foot creation violated the one-ounce California law, so officers confiscated it.


Cop yanks suicidal man from train tracks at last second

Surveillance video catches the suspicious officer snag the man by the shirt just as he attempts to jump.




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