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Cop rescues kitten from moving vehicle's undercarriage

The officer spotted the cat as it ran toward a car and climbed inside, the cat was adopted by a bystander

By Marjorie Owens

GARLAND, Texas — Motorcycle Officer R.P. Clark was driving along Plano Road and Walnut Street last week when he spotted a yellow kitten running across the street. It quickly turned into a rescue after Clark watched the kitten climb up the back of an SUV that pulled to a stop behind a truck on the street.

Worried the driver of the SUV was unaware of the kitten, Clark got the attention of the driver before they could drive off. However, neither the driver nor the officer could reach the kitten, which had crawled further into the undercarriage of the car.

Kia (Garland Police Image)
Kia (Garland Police Image)

"Officer Clark crawled under the SUV and loosened the gas tank enough to lower it," the statement read. "By this time, several people had gathered to watch the rescue attempt and an employee from the nearby bank could see the kitten on top of the gas tank. She was able to reach in and rescue the kitten while Officer Clark held the gas tank."

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