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Retired veteran duo still patrols Ohio streets

The two men have a combined 90 years of experience in law enforcement, and a slew of accomplishments

By Kate Ussin

MONTGOMERY CO., Ohio — When you think of classic cop buddies, the 1970's television crime fighting duo Starsky and Hutch likely comes to mind. However, there's a partnership here at home more classic than the show's Ford Gran Torino.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office just can't seem to shake Herb and Larry and that's a good thing. The two have an unquenchable appetite for law enforcement work. They were decorated deputies in Montgomery County in their early years.  

Now, in retirement, they're still with the department, but as volunteers for the Crime Alert Program. It is something they've been doing for 24 years and counting, side by side. Together, they have a combined 90 years of law enforcement experience.

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