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After shooting, chain of inspiration leads to "Operation Soul"

Officer Jennifer Moore didn’t let a bullet stop her — and the girls she mentors are paying it forward

By PoliceOne Staff

On a fateful night in June 2008, Officer Jennifer Moore was shot point blank during a traffic stop in a Phoenix neighborhood notorious for shootings, stabbings and gang activity. The suspect’s round ripped off most of her right ring finger and would have torn into her chest had it not been stopped by her vest.

A 5-foot-5 fireball of energy and commitment, Moore was 28 at the time. She survived the shooting, but even after multiple reconstructive operations on her hand and months of rehabilitation, the loss of a part of her ring finger and decreased functionality of her hand serve as a constant reminder of her experience.

(Photo courtesy of Phoenix Police Department)
(Photo courtesy of Phoenix Police Department)

But Moore has not become jaded by the event, nor given up. In the time since the incident, she has seized the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

In a quest to give back to the community she serves, Moore developed Hoops 4 Hope. The program is a basketball-based mentorship that has improved the lives of hundreds of at-risk young girls in Phoenix, combining basketball and workshops to inspire the confidence and motivation the girls need to get their lives on the right track.

The program and the officers who run it (Moore is assisted by Officers Katrina Morales, Samantha Pimental and Melissa Soliz) have so impressed this group of youngsters that they, in turn, have decided to pay it forward.

Operation Soul is the brain child of the young ladies from Hoops 4 Hope. Designed to collect toys, food and clothing for the Phoenix based non-profit/community charity Angels on Patrol, the program will run multiple drop-off locations throughout the month of December. Angels on Patrol will then distribute the donated items to families in need during the holiday season.

To find out more about Operation Soul and get involved, contact Officer Jennifer Moore by phone at (602) 495-5008 or email at Jennifer.moore@phoenix.gov.

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