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Quick-thinking cop saves woman jumping to her death

Wash. State trooper Curt Boyle grabbed the woman by the waist just as she attempted to jump from a bridge

By PoliceOne Staff

A woman who tried to commit suicide Wednesday by jumping off a bridge instead found herself in the arms of a state patrol trooper who grabbed her just seconds before she fell.

Sgt. Curt Boyle, a 17-year veteran of the Washington State Patrol, found the woman, whose name has not been released, walking along the bridge after she called 911 to tell dispatchers she planned to take her own life and that her child, 7, was in a car nearby, according to MyNorthwest.

"She just wanted to make sure that her daughter was taken care of, so she tried to give a description of where her car was in relation to where she was," said Boyle.

Boyle made eye contact with the woman as he exited his patrol car, prompting her to run away from him.

“She starts running away from me down the bridge saying 'No, don't help me. Don't help me. I jumped over the jersey wall and chased after her. She had actually grabbed the top of the railing and was pushing herself over the railing to go over the bridge. I just dove, grabbed her by the waist and tackled her to the ground."

Boyle credited 911 dispatchers Mindi Mezek and David Ingram with helping to save the woman's life, according to the report.

"If it wasn't for those (dispatchers) and the other ones working together, she probably would have already gone over."

The child was located and brought to police headquarters.

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