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Kids watch cop dad run into burning house, rescue woman

On 'Take your child to work' day, one detective's kids got to see just how dangerous his job can be


GERMANTOWN, Md. — "Take Your Child to Work Day" couldn’t have been more real for the children of a Montgomery County police officer.  Detective Mario Mastrangelo’s kids were with him when he arrived at the scene of a deadly house fire in Germantown on Thursday morning, and they watched as he ran into the burning home to rescue an elderly woman trapped inside.

Detective Mastrangelo, who works in the MCPD's Family Crime Unit, tells FOX 5 he had just picked is kids up to take them to work with him for "Take Your Child to Work Day" when they spotted smoke coming from a home on Jamieson Place.  As they got closer, they discovered that firefighters hadn't arrived yet.  

Mastrangelo says they heard call come over the radio, and they knew help was on the way.  He pulled up to the burning house and jumped out.  He saw the door open, and went running inside as his children looked on from the car.  

Full Story: Real-life experience: Detective's kids watch him run into burning house, rescue woman from fire on 'Take Your Child to Work Day'

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