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The Up-Beat: 5 P1 posts cops loved this week

Here's what made PoliceOne's Facebook audience smile this week

By PoliceOne Staff

Facebook this week launched a new extension of their ‘like’ feature that allows readers to more accurately express their feelings about a story – something police officers aren’t shy about doing. Below are the most ‘Loved’ posts of the week from PoliceOne's Facebook page, from the heroic actions of a cop that ended a mass shooting to a retired motorcycle deputy who patrols his community for free.

5. Retired Calif. motorcycle deputy patrols his community for free

Once a cop, always a cop. When an understaffed police department in a Southern California town needed some assistance with traffic enforcement, retired motorcycle Deputy Scott Shafer offered a helping hand. 

The retired officer said this "is the one thing" he can do to better the community.

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

4. Pa. trooper thwarts burglar attempting to rob his home

Crime truly doesn’t pay – especially when your target happens to be the home of a state trooper. This would-be burglar didn’t even make it through the door before he was taken down and arrested.

The trooper saw the doorknob turning, and when he opened the door, there was a man armed with a metal scraper.

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Thursday, February 25, 2016

3. Utah police use Facebook in arrest of 7-Eleven 'gangster'

Police officers in Orem (Utah) reclaimed their ‘hood’ this week after arresting a wanted man who taunted them on Facebook. In a reply to the suspect that was posted to social media, the department sent a stern message to those considering following suit:

“We knew who he was and knew that he had several warrants for his arrest…the City of Orem is our ‘Hood’.”

The police said, "Nothing makes you look tougher than throwing up gangs signs while sipping on a banana and blueberry slurpee."

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Thursday, February 25, 2016

2. Sheriff: Cop who killed Kan. gunman a 'tremendous hero'

The tragic mass shooting in Hesston (Kan.) on Thursday could have been far, far worse if not for the heroic actions of a police officer who shot and killed the suspect before he could inflict more harm.

There were still 200 or 300 other people in the factory and that the 'shooter wasn't done by any means.'

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Friday, February 26, 2016

1. Fla. PD releases body camera footage ‘you won’t see on the news’

Sickened by the public’s negative perception of cops across the country, the Tampa Police Department created a video compilation of the many things officers face on the job every day.

“As police officers, we see people at their best, but more often, at their worst. This is the community’s first look at what a police officer’s job is really like – it’s kind of like riding shotgun with an officer,” they wrote.

Sickened by the public’s negative perception of cops across the country, one department took matters into their own hands. Watch:

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Thursday, February 25, 2016

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