Australian cops find Philly woman who lost police pendant

Police believed the pendant has significant sentimental value to the owner

By PoliceOne Staff

MELBOURNE — When Philadelphia resident Kirsten Bresch lost her precious necklace last week in Australia, she thought it was gone forever. Luckily, police in Melbourne took to social media to reunite the woman with her special pendant. 

According to the department’s Facebook page, a community member found the gold pendant on the street April 2, then took it to police. The pendant features the Philadelphia Police detective emblem and has the inscription “To Kirsten from Dad 12-25-77” on the back.

Police believed the pendant likely had sentimental value and wanted to return it to its owner. They posted about the charm on their website. Then, luck took over. 

“It means so much to me,” she told the department. “Yesterday a girlfriend rang me to say she’d heard about the Victoria Police Facebook post on radio.”



Charmed with luck. Last week when Kristen Bresch lost this peculiar pendant she was given by her Father as a Christmas...

Posted by Victoria Police on Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The pendant was given to her by her father, a retired detective. It has served as a constant reminder of him and has helped Bresch stay strong as her father suffers through the latter stages of Alzheimer’s.

 “My faith in people has been restored – I feel so lucky,” she  told Melbourne police.

The Facebook post garnered over 2,000 reactions.

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