Photo: Officer hailed as 'hero' for helping woman in rain

The photo was picked up by a news station hours later and became a viral hit

By PoliceOne Staff

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A North Carolina cop has become an ‘internet hero’ after a man snapped a shot of the officer offering a woman and her child a ride home in the rain.

Officer Charles Ziegler was off-duty and on his way to his security job at a church when he spotted a woman pushing her child in a stroller in the rain, and decided to help, according to NBC.

Photo courtesy of Ed McNeal)
Photo courtesy of Ed McNeal)

Ed McNeal, the town’s marketing and communications director, saw the act, snapped a picture of Ziegler carrying the stroller to his trunk, and posted the picture to Twitter

"My phone just blew up Wednesday night," Ziegler told "Last night, I got a text message from someone I go to church with and she said I made the news in England.

"I am not trying to belittle anyone, but I think this story’s been made more than it actually is," he said. "It’s me giving a lady and her child a ride. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal…Cops across the state and across the nation, they do stuff like this all the time."

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