Supporters of wounded Minn. LEO turn to the Internet after COVID-19 prevents hospital visits

The Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police is collecting videos of encouragement for Officer Arik Matson, who is recovering from a line-of-duty injury

By Amanda Lien

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The Minneapolis Police Department is collecting virtual messages of support and encouragement to send to an officer wounded in the line of duty.

Officer Arik Matson was shot in the head Jan. 6 as he and three officers responded to a call about a suspicious person roaming backyards in a city  south of Minneapolis.

Matson has been making steady progress in his recovery, with his ability to speak and walk increasing, KeyC reports. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has now prevented Matson from seeing visitors, something the Minneapolis Police Department wants to remedy, according to a Facebook post by the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police.

“Officers from all over Minnesota have sat guard outside Arik’s room,” wrote Commander Kim Lund. “The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made those details end, and with it, ended Arik’s contact with other officers and the regular words of encouragement for this Minnesota hero.”


Please bring some words of encouragement to Arik Matson. Please review the post from Commander Kim Lund of the...

Posted by Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lund requested that police officers nationwide record short messages of encouragement and support for Matson’s family to show him during a visit.

“[The videos will] keep him excited and pushing forward,” Lund wrote. “Let’s see the support and love from all over the country for this HERO!”

Law enforcement officers interested in participating can send a video including their name, department and a brief message to

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