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By PoliceOne Staff

Police go above and beyond the call of duty every day for their community, but there’s something particularly heartwarming about an officer or an entire department rallying for a child in need. From a group of cops saving an autistic boy’s birthday to an emotionally-charged embrace in the middle of a protest, check out these five instances in which cops connected with children.

Fla. cops save autistic boy's birthday after no one shows up

Police reached out to a boy and his mother after a post on social media caught the attention of the local community.


Mass. cop saves toddler's birthday after theft

Shannah Shea was purchasing items for her daughter's first birthday when she discovered her wallet had been stolen.


Fla. cops surprise family in need with Christmas tree

Seven-year-old Rachelle Daceus told officers that her struggling family wasn’t able to purchase a tree for the holiday season.

Officer hugs boy at Ore. Ferguson protest

At the Portland rally was 12-year-old Devonte Hart, who stood crying out of sadness over the events in Ferguson.

SWAT team visit children's hospital in superhero costumes

Hospital staff and a SWAT team worked together to develop a plan that sent a dozen officers in superhero costumes down the side of a hospital.



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