Video: Fla. cop escorts baby ducks across road, to lake

The viral video follows a Lakeland police officer as he navigates the ducklings through several obstacles, including a busy intersection and a railroad track

Joe Mario Pedersen
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LAKELAND, Fla. — Often, law enforcement officers are looking out for the little guy, but in the case of one Lakeland Police officer it became a matter of 13 little guys.

Officer Bailey, of the Lakeland Police Department, was seen on a viral video earlier in the month escorting a mother duck and her 12 ducklings safely into Lake Mirror, near Lake Avenue and Orange Street, according LPD.

A Hop, Skip, and a Waddle to Lake Mirror!

Earlier this morning LakelandPD Officer Bailey was on patrol when he noticed a mother duck and her 12 ducklings walking from South Florida Ave down Pine Street towards the station. Since they were in the middle of the street, Officer Bailey pulled his patrol car behind the family to ensure they would safely make it down the street. But, as you will see from the video, they made a few detours and hit a couple of barriers, a tad too big for little webbed feet. Officer Bailey walked alongside the family through each twist and turn, making sure they got to Lake Mirror safe and sound for a cool dip in the water. Even during times of uncertainty, there are always things around us to smile about! Thanks Officer Bailey for taking care of these cuties. City of Lakeland, FL - Government City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation

Posted by LakelandPD on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Officer Bailey was on patrol when he noticed the ducklings following their mother from South Florida Avenue down to Pine Street and toward the Lakeland Police Station.

Bailey stepped out of his squad car and proceeded to guide the ducks back toward the water. However, Bailey went beyond the call of tour guide and acted as a protector for the many detours the ducks took including various intersections and a separation issue on a railroad track; the latter Bailey patiently waited for the ducks to solve themselves before continuing their stroll down to the lake.

Posted earlier in March, Bailey’s act of protection went viral with 2.7 million views with 110,000 reactions.

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