Video: Officers spring into action to save woman at top of bridge

Sgt. Bennie Boles called the officers heroes and said the woman “would not be here today had they not acted so quickly”

By PoliceOne Staff

LA PORTE, Texas — Recently released dash cam footage shows a group of officers saving the life of a woman who was at the top of a bridge.

On May 25, police said La Porte officers found the woman seated with her legs over the outside rail at the top of Fred Hartman Bridge, KTRK-TV reports.

Officer C. Burnett spoke to the woman and kept her distracted while Officers C. Cargile and C. Forsythe rushed from behind and grabbed her. The officers were able to pull her to safety.

Police said the woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.

"They're the heroes of the day," La Porte Police Department Sgt. Bennie Boles told the Houston Chronicle. "That young lady would not be here today had they not acted so quickly."

Boles said La Porte officers regularly patrol the bridge to help deter anyone from jumping or contemplating jumping. He also said the officers are trained to handle such calls.

"We are very successful in getting people off the bridge," Boles said. "It's a pretty good deterrent. Unfortunately, we do have people from time to time who are successful."

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