Cops weigh in: 15 best rookie police prank moments

It's a rite of passage

Most everyone on the planet has been (or will be) the new guy or girl on the job at some point in their lifetime.

And there is one certainty when you're the newbie: you instantly become the prime target for pranks. It's a rite of passage across every profession.

The world of policing, as you may imagine, is no different, but the pranks are WAY better. So, how, exactly do they mess with the rookie officers? Police officers from around the globe shared their best rookie pranking moments for us.

1) Steal their cruiser.

"Rookies who left their keys in their units... We would move the cars on the other side of the courthouse or somewhere down the block and have the dispatcher notify the rook of a traffic crash. Rook would coming running outside only to find his car gone, the looks on their faces were priceless." LAChief/Louisiana

2) The welfare check.

"Our dispatchers used to send guys on welfare checks to graveyards...

'D313 welfare check at 141 Hulls Chapel Rd. Check on the welfare of Walter Mullins, white male. Family has not heard from him for some time and is worried...'

Subject would be a deceased family member of one of the dispatchers..." web

3) Don't leave your camera unattended.

"One of our guys left his evidence camera (35mm) unsecured so the two pranksters of the office put a double moonshot on it and put it back in its place. He didn't discover the prank until a defense attorney asked for copies of all the pictures on the roll." 417Lt/SoCal

4) We're gonna need the rubber cuffs.

"I was on the street for 2 weeks when my FTO asked me if I wanted to do my first drug kick. Needless to say I was thrilled and quite proud that I was asked. He told me that before the briefing that I had to go to the local RCMP Detachment to borrow their rubber cuffs. He explained to me that the subject was allergic to metal and that the Mounties had a set of rubber cuffs we could use.

There I was, the baby cop showing up in my shiny new uniform asking to borrow the rubber cuffs. I was told that the S/Sgt was in charge of them and he was in the conference room. I proudly marched into a room full of 35 cops and loudly introduced myself and asked to borrow the rubber cuffs. I had never heard laughter like that before and realized that I had been pranked. The worse part is that the RCMP were thoughtful enough to video it for my FTO and the rest of my department.

It took 2 years until we did that on another 18-year-old rookie." Cochiese

5) Run south on foot.

"Got sent to a fight and was told to run south on foot. After 15 mins I came back and everyone was gone, including my car. When they came back I was dry stunned on the ass by three of my friends, including my FTO." Anthony Brunscheen

6) Suspicious scarecrow.

"They put a scarecrow in the middle of the road and dispatch caled out a, 'suspicious person in the middle of the street.' One of the other officers put it there and was sitting back off the road watching him. The poor guy almost had a heat attack when the other officer came up lights and sirens." DISP24

7) Low Battery.

"Send a page to the rookie's pager that says 'low battery'...One every 13 hours or so." cras cop

8) A lesson in trashin!

"One of my buds pulled a classic prank on a rookie a few years back. His regular beat included the Marquette University campus. At the start of the shift, he told the rookie not to bring his lunch bag, because they were gonna go 'trashin.'

Halfway through the shift, they stop at the station. FTO called his wife while the rook was out of earshot. He had the wife go to a take-out chicken place, and make a huge order. Pizza, a bucket of chicken, cole slaw, burgers, you name it. He told her to take out one slice of the pizza, a few chicken legs, a bite out of a burger etc, but to leave the majority of the food intact. FTO told her package it back up, then leave it in a specially marked dumpster behind one of the Marquette dorms.

He then takes the rook back out. When the wife gets it all set up, she calls FTO back on the cell phone. When he hangs up, he tells the rookie about the eating habits of the spoiled dorm kids, how they buy all this food, but throw away the vast majority of it because they don't have anywhere to store it. He drives over to the dorm, makes the rook get out, telling him to start checking the dumpsters. The rook is confused, but doesn't say anything. He 'finds' the marked dumpster. FTO starts pulling out the planted food, lays it out on the squad hood, and starts eating. The rook gets sort of grossed out, but again doesn't say anything, but he doesn't eat anything, either.

Pretty soon, they're joined by another squad, who are also in on the joke. They help themselves to some food, ragging the rook about missing out on free food. After a few minutes, the rook starts eating, too. Another squad comes by, but are told to go find their own dumpster to dive.

About a week later, the newby is at a rookie party and tells all of his classmates about 'trashin.'He can't understand why they're looking at him like he's insane. After all, none of their FTOs taught them about dumpster diving." Curt581/Wisconsin

9) I HEART Leo.

"Guys that leave their computer open and walk away may get a few mass emails sent out stating how great they are, touting their investigative skills, their love for Leonardo DiCaprio, etc." crass cop

10) Report to the morgue.

"At my old agency they used to send rooks to hospital morgue to identify a wanted felon. We'd have another officer under the sheet to jump up. Told rook weapons aren't allowed inside ('hospital policy') so it was safe because he/she was disarmed." Jon Reyes

11) The old locker prank.

"I watched a guy fill another guy's locker COMPLETELY full of shredded paper. It took 5 full trash bags and about 15 minutes. You have to use a piece of cardboard as a temporary door... close the locker slipping the cardboard out as you do so. It was pretty damn funny watching him open it up. You NEVER give out your locker combo to anyone you don't trust 100% around here." THIRDWATCHNORTH

12) Restroom shenanigans.

"The captain would put petroleum jelly on the toilet seat. I actually got caught by this one and that stuff don’t come just spreads!" signal1

13) Be my valentine.

"On Valentine's Day, I sent Care Bears Valentines to all the troopers assigned to our county's main office and signed another officer's name to them all." Jonathan Daniel

14) Glitter party!

"The record clerk and I 'discovered' the combo to a car, put glitter in the vents and turned everything on high, faced the vents towards the driver. Since the detectives were in on it they distracted him. Several hours later he finally went to his car and came back in cussing covered in purple and gold." Alice McCuen

15) Do you speak mime?

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