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P1 Humor Corner: Where's our 'must see' LEO-TV?

What would your “cop show” look like? Who would be your characters? Where would they work?

I’m seriously bummed that FOX doesn’t plan to air more than four or five “special episodes” of “America’s Most Wanted” next TV season. I happen to love that show and have had a season pass set on my TiVo since I bought the infernal device. The damned thing keeps making “suggestions” about what I would want to watch. This thing doesn’t know me! Anyway, TiVo tells me about other shows my AMW affliction indicates I would enjoy, and when it makes a suggestion I give it a try.

Problem is, at least nine out of ten of TV shows about law enforcement are absolute garbage. I watched “Chicago Code” for ten minutes before giving up forever. I watched a whole episode of “Flashpoint” once — except I was asleep after the first commercial break, so I suppose that really doesn’t count. I watched the new ’Hawaii Five-0” for another ten minutes — well, at least until the gals with the bikinis were replaced on screen by dudes in bad shirts.

I think I’d be a far better producer of a “cop show” than any Hollywood types currently making millions of dollars while also making meaningless drivel. I’d bet a waist-high stack of green money that there are hundreds of PoliceOne Members who feel the same way. My show might have a mix of elements we loved in “Dragnet” and “Adam 12,” with a smattering of “Barney Miller” and a “Police Squad.”

What would your “cop show” look like? Who would be your characters? Where would they work?

I found the below trailer for a new show coming out, and thought it would be a good jumping-off point for us to collaborate (in the comments area below) on the perfect “must-see LEO-TV” program. Check it out, come up with your own ideas, and share them below.

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