Caption contest: Do you know why we pulled you over?

We selected 15 of your best captions to accompany a funny police photo

By PoliceOne Staff

When we asked our Facebook fans to give the photo below a caption, we got more than 900 responses in just a few days. While it was difficult to pick through them, we selected 15 of the funniest and most original captions. Tell us your favorite, and add your own caption in the member comments below!

Photo imgur "Registration, insurance, and birth certificate please!"  - Lisa Bendorf Mueller"Looks like I gotta sell a lot of lemonade to cover this one!" - Scott Owens "Papers?"
           Child: 'Scissors, I win!'" - Ashley Ann Marie"I couldn't have been speeding officer. You caught up to me on foot, sir." - Dan Mead"You're just lucky I'm not allowed to cross the street or you would never have caught me!" - Robert Krimmel"You two got picked on a lot in middle school, huh? - J Phil Hunter"Officer, for the second time: it's ABC not DUI." - Daniel Thomas"It's because i'm a kid, isnt it?" - Lisa Cirone"Even as a child, Charlie Sheen got too much attention for winning." - Trey Biles"You guys have seen the Tom Hanks movie 'Big,' right?" - Marsha Marani"I'll take your ticket, but I want you to know that I'm appealing this all the way to Grandma!!" - Jenna Hall"No, I don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer is a sticker!" - Duane Olbinski"They see me rollin, they hatin, patrolling and trying to say my diaper's dirty...." - Frank Wireman"I don't even KNOW the alphabet yet, and you expect me to say it backwards!?! - Mike Gambacorta"I knew I shouldn't have had that 4th juice box....please call my auntie and not my mom. - Laurie Sutton

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