10 funny habits that follow you off-duty

When we came across a funny instance of an off-duty cop’s on-duty habits following him on a date, we posted it to P1 Facebook to see if any of you have ever had a similarly awkward situation.

These funny habits that follow you home — even after retirement — prove that officers are never truly off-duty.  Take a look at our favorite responses to the post, and add more in the comments section below!

1. I constantly look at people's waists and ankles. My wife knows what I'm doing but it's awkward when I do this to our waiters our waitresses and they think I'm checking them out - Bert Estrada

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(iStock image)

2. Put a seatbelt across my groceries on the front seat...just like my duty bag - Michel Vigeant

3. Do you every sign a receipt for dinner or a store purchase, and automatically add your badge number? Cashiers are like 'What this number?'  - Joe Moore

4. I will be off duty at the store and wave at kids and smile. Their parents look at me alike I'm a perv...-  Art Walgren

5. I always unbuckle my seatbelt about 30 seconds before I bring my truck to a stop.- Roger Dillon

6. Stand to the side of the door, foot in front of any door that might open out...-  Ralph Streicher

7. When I retired, it took me forever to start using my gun hand for anything.  After years and years of having it drilled into my head to keep my gun hand free at all times, it was hard to remember I no longer carried a gun. - Scott Roder

8. My husband needs to sit with his back toward a wall so whenever we are in the middle of the restaurant I have to stop and ask him what side he wants and I stand there til he decides. - Victoria LeBlanc

9. I read every license plate around me. I touch my computer screen at home...it’s not a toughbook.- Adam Christopher

10. I'm retired almost 25 years and I still look at other drivers, I still look for bulges under sweaters, shirts and jackets. I still look for one pants leg hanging longer than the other.- Roy Zinkiewicz

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