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Video: LA police storm gaming studio guarded by life-size dummy

Police were responding to a silent alarm when they raided the office, and found a masked, armed character in the window

The Daily Mail

LOS ANGELES — Armed police stormed a video game developer's studio on Thursday in scenes that resembled one of the maker's games rather than a Los Angeles office.

Robotoki founder Robert Bowling was the only person on the premises and was briefly detained by officers until they could verify that he was not a burglar.  But the former Call of Duty spokesman then tweeted that he blamed the life-size statue of the game's character Simon 'Ghost' Riley that stands in the studio window with a fake assault rifle in hand.

It has since been revealed that police were instead responding to silent panic alarm that was set off by a curious colleague and were not there to deal with a model gunman. The officers on the scene took the surreal situation in good humor and reportedly ended the call-out with a quick round of video games.  Bowling was not fined for the false alarm.

Full Story: The moment armed police storm Call of Duty video game studio ('defended' by one of its characters) after employee pushes silent alarm

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