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Burglary victim finds thief's phone, calls his mom

The woman made the teen robber return all stolen belongings to each owner and apologize

ABC News

SEATTLE — After a Seattle woman learned that her car had been ransacked and items were missing, she decided that calling the alleged thief’s mother would be a better option than calling police. Catching the thief wasn’t enough for Eliza Webb, 29. After falling victim to the petty crime, she decided to then play judge and jury.

When Webb found an unfamiliar black cellphone in the driver’s seat of her car last month, she assumed that it belonged to the person responsible for stealing her running shoes and sunglasses. Webb browsed through the phone and called the contact labeled “mom.” After a few minutes talking with “mom,” Webb realized the alleged thief was a 19-year-old male teen.

The teen admitted he’d hit 10 more unlocked cars in the same neighborhood with a friend and blamed it on a night of drinking that got out of control, Webb said. After talking with the teen and his mother, Webb decided he and his accomplice would go house-to-house to return what they had taken and apologize to every victim.

Full Story: Seattle Theft Victim Skips Cops, Calls Alleged Thief’s Mother

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