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Top 5 police videos of September

By PoliceOne Staff

In September, we saw every kind of rescue: off-duty, on-duty, and even citizens rescuing a cop! Of course, a few unruly suspects also made the list. Check out the top 5 videos of September, and tell us which ones made your list.   

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Private investigator, war vet thwarts robbery with own gun

The robber couldn't have picked a worse victim: a veteran of 4 tours in Iraq, a former prison guard, and gun owner.


Bystanders rescue cop from burning squad

Several men came across the cruiser in flames in a ditch and worked to get the officer to safety.


Uncuffed suspect jumps from moving cruiser

Eric Simmons wasn't in restraints and the window was rolled down when he escaped a moving cruiser.


Texas cops rescue kidnap victim, arrest abductor

Two teen boys noticed the woman in the vehicle next to them looked scared and mouthed 'help me,' so they called 911.


Fla. cop shatters car window at traffic stop

A woman refused to roll down her window at a traffic stop, then tried rolling it up on the cop's hand.




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