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Facebook forum: 7 craziest Halloween service calls

Police receive crazy service calls 365 days a year. Add a costume and a high possibility of alcohol consumption, and you have yourself a whole new realm of bizarre possibilities. We asked our Facebook fans to share their craziest Halloween calls. See our favorites below, and don't forget to share your own stories in the comments! 


http://ems.pgpic.com/1.gif Arrested a guy wearing an orange jump suit that said ‘prison b*tch’ on the back of it. — Mark Reckling

                          Comment : Did you leave it on him in jail? — Kevin Hutchison

http://ems.pgpic.com/2.gif I got a call of a drunk passed out on someone's front porch. Upon arrival I recognized it to be Fred Flintstone in full costume – feet and all. I woke him up to ask him his name and he replied, "Fred." I asked him where his wallet was and he replied, "inside with Wilma." — Tyson Fuqua

http://ems.pgpic.com/3.gif Man at gas station with his penis stuck in a pumpkin due to a piercing he had.  Brandon Barrett

http://ems.pgpic.com/4.gif Got a call on Halloween of a guy in a KKK "costume" causing a disturbance....turned out he was on parole for a hate crime. That alone sent him back.  Travis Trotter

http://ems.pgpic.com/5.gif A few years ago, got a call of a suspicious person in a convenient store about 3 a.m. (also full moon). I walked in to see a man standing in the middle of the store holding two beef jerky sticks in the shape of a cross on his chest. He said it was the only way to keep Freddy the Vampire from getting him.  Georgina Maritz

http://ems.pgpic.com/6.gifGot to the station one night and saw Batman on the intox monitor getting ready to blow and was informed that his black Corvette which was modified to look like the bat mobile was at the impound! Was a great way to start the shift.  Amanda Hill

http://ems.pgpic.com/7.gifI went to this bar and Darth Vader was suggestively poking at women with his light saber... it seems Darth Vader made the mistake of poking a marine's girlfriend with his saber. Darth Vader and the marine got in an altercation and Darth was tangled up in his cloak. (Really it all seemed pretty normal until I was telling someone the story later.)  Stacy Cox 

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