Video: Awful burglar trips alarm, falls on face

When his attempt to shatter a window sounds the store's alarm, he tries to run away

CBS San Francisco

REDDING, Calif. — A would-be burglar in baggy pants made a series of stumbles in his recent attempt to rob a Shasta County store, as surveillance video shows.

Police hope the release of surveillance video of the incident at Kent’s Meats in Redding leads to an arrest.

"A very large man, uh, lurking I guess you would call it, he walked back and forth. After he got his face on camera is when he puts his hood on. He then comes back with the rock and throws it at the window, tries to run off, trips over the curb, gets up, falls down again and that was, at that point it turned into something that was really bad to almost hilarious," said Larry Goldin, a store employee. "It was almost worth the amount of money that you have to pay for the door just for the humor in it."

Full Story: Viral Video Shows Bumbling NorCal Crook’s Failed Break-In Attempt

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