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Facebook Forum: Your law enforcement family

Tell us about that parent, sibling, or some other relative in LE

A recent PoliceOne article about a patrol officer in Minn. whose hero is his corrections officer sister got us wondering if lots of cops had relatives who also work in law enforcement. We asked you on Facebook to tell us about that parent, sibling, or some other relative in LE, and whether you have influenced anyone to enter the field.

Here's what you said. If you have another story to share, please do so in the Comments section below.

"My great grandfather was a county sheriff. My mom gave me a picture of him with his motorcycle when I became a dispatcher." — Monika DeLeeuw-Tanchyk

"I have an Aunt, an uncle, three cousins, and an older brother in field. I am proud to be apart of my family and following in their footsteps! I've never wanted to do anything else." — Sarah Hetherington

"My father is a 30 master peace officer in Texas and still going. I'm in my 15th year in corrections and first year as peace officer in Texas. My sisters are both peace officers in Mississippi. I guess you could say its a family business." — Walter Wilemon

"No I will be the first in my family and looking forward to helping those who need help and protecting the people in my community." — Robert Ri

"My husband is the first LEO in his family. The rest of his family have been on the 'other side of the bars' if you know what I mean." — Sissy Sabrina Maple

"My dad and my cousin. Hearing them speak their own language and understand the inside jokes was something else. I've been trying to get into the field for a year now because of them. Not because of the jokes but because I looked up to them for what they did and continue to do." — Reggie James

"I'm a fourth gen. Parents, uncle, grandparent, great-grandparent. Born to serve." — Dan Raetz

"My Grandfather John D. Schroeder and his Brother Walter A. Schroeder were both officers in the 1970s. Both were gunned down in the line of duty. Boston Police headquarters is named One Schroeder Plaza in their honor. Their dedication and sacrifice for the good of all is why I became a cop and I hope to be able to fill a fraction of their shoes." — Chris Schroeder

"I joined the Sheriff's Department and that inspired my dad, who was 45 at the time, and he joined another Sheriff's Department and we ended up going to the same academy! It was great until he started sharing my childhood stories..." — Shanna Clouse

"No one in LE before me. My son however is now a deputy sheriff, I was a wildlife officer, now retired." — Jim Ferrier

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