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Cop fired for death threats eligible for rehire

An arbitrator ruled that the officer is eligible to work at the department again if he gets medical clearance

By PoliceOne Staff 

CANTON, Ohio — An officer who was fired after being caught on camera making death threats and yelling and screaming at people he pulled over is eligible to get his job back.

Daniel Harless was relieved of his job earlier this year after multiple videos of his flaring temper went viral.

On Sunday, an arbitrator ruled that Harless is eligible to work at the department again if he gets medical clearance.

 “Return to active service, if ever, is to be determined by competent medical authority,” wrote arbitrator  Harry Graham.

“This is not a shocking ruling given all the things that were present for the arbitrator,” said Safety Director Thomas Ream, who fired Harless. “So we will abide by this ruling, and if officer Harless is able to get his medical clearance, we’ll let him back on the police department.”

Harless’ attorney stated his client is unlikely to return to his old job. He has applied for a disability retirement pension, according to Canton Rep.

In one incident, after quizzing passengers inside about their activities, Harless told one person, “If you scratch you balls wrong, I’m going to pull my gun and I am going to shoot you.”

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