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Albuquerque police start recruit plan amid probe

The department is replacing roughly 80 officers with new graduates and military veterans

By PoliceOne Staff

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque Police Department has launched a multimedia recruiting campaign amid a federal probe of the department’s tactics after several alleged cases of excessive force.

The campaign for new officers is aimed at recent college graduates and returning veterans, according to AlamoGordo Daily News.

Using social media, television commercials, and billboards, the department aims to replace the shortage of about 80 officers, as there are also a large number of expected retirements. 

More than 100 candidates have applied to take the first-round test, according to the article.

Mayor Richard Berry and Police Chief Raymond Schultz announced an initiative that will give each cadet a $5K bonus for completing the academy and $500 for city employee referrals.  

As a result of the probe, several policy reforms have been put in place, such as requiring more college credit or military service, and wearing lapel cameras. 

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