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Iowa police recruit video yanked for being 'too violent'

The video depicts police conducting search warrants and traffic stops with an aggressive rock song in the background

By PoliceOne staff

IOWA CITY — Iowa City’s police recruitment video — which stayed on their website for two years — was taken down after citizens complained that it was too violent.

The two-minute video depicts officers performing search warrants, writing tickets, and conducting traffic stops as the rock song “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva plays in the background.

The video was pulled because citizens disagreed with the music choice and imagery, according to the Iowa City Patch.

“The ICPD is responding to the concerns of our citizens by removing the video and developing a new recruitment video,” police chief Sam Hargadine wrote in a letter to city manager.

A new video has taken its police on the Iowa City police department’s website, which focuses more on community policing.

The video was picked up by UK-based media site Daily Mail, which apparently found the video too entertaining to pass over.

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