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6 types of police warrior you don’t want to be

Your job as a warrior is to have more positive attributes than negative

Okinawan culture and history are rich with lessons we can apply to modern police work — specifically, the modern police warrior. For example, in the indigenous Okinawan language, the word for warrior is “Bushi” and hundreds of years ago, that title was given to a man who had earned the title through their training and exploits. 

Today, the title is typically given to a student of karate. A good puncher might be called Fist Warrior (Te Bushi), someone who excels in arm bars and takedowns would be called Grappling Warrior (Tuite Bushi). There is, however, another — less desirable — title: Mouth Warrior (Kuchi Bushi). The one who boast about their training but never actually trains. 

We have those in law enforcement, too. Perhaps you know one. Worse, perhaps you are one. If so, fix the problem. There are other types of warrior you also don’t want to be. Here are six. Add your own in the comments area below

1. Stir-the-Pot Warrior: This officer is never happy unless they’re setting one officer up against another. This officer will gleefully start a fire and scurry to the corner to watch the blaze. This is the kind of officer who keeps us from trusting one another — they keep a shift (or a whole department) from becoming a cohesive unit. 

2 Heavy-Handed Warrior: A question from a suspect is a challenge to their authority — which is typically met with screaming obscenities. If given a choice, other cops would rather take a call alone than have this cop with them. This “warrior” could take a police appreciation banquet and turn it into a riot.

3. Hide-and-Seek Warrior: This officer might be spotted driving in the opposite direction of the hot call, if they can be found at all. For them, work revolves around sleeping, eating, shopping, visiting, and avoiding all calls at all cost.

4. Internet Warrior: On duty they are Tweeting about the latest call, updating their Facebook status, posting photos of the crime scene for the public to see. They also regularly engage in disputes with other Internet Warriors over who is the biggest, baddest Internet Warrior of all. Think high-tech Kuchi Bushi.

5. Hormone Warrior: The only thing this officer will chase is ... well, you know. They can’t see a car filled with gangbangers casing a store for a robbery, but if a good-looking motorist drives by, a license plate check and a U-turn are sure to follow. 

6. Cynical Warrior: It is easy to identify this officer — all you need to do is count the number of times the words “a__hole” and “bu__shit” are used in a conversation (not that you really want to talk to this officer in the first place. They suck the positive attitude out of even the most optimistic rookie.

What kind of warrior are you? What types of warriors do you have in your midst? 

Maybe most importantly, what can — and will — you do about it?

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