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Deputy Sheriff - Detention Division

Goshen County Sheriff's Dept. - Torrington, Wyoming

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$13.00 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$14.00 hourly
$15.10 hourly
Top Pay:
$15.10 hourly

Job Description

This list is not all inclusive***

Supervise and control inmate behavior during the operation of the detention center; or restrain by force if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdue resisting or assaultive inmates using maneuvers as instructed and resort to the use of hands and feet along with other approved devices in self-defense or to meet facility operational guidelines.

Enforce procedures for secure areas; read and suggest updates for Post Orders, detention and departmental policy and procedures; operate security control panels and doors; walk or stand for lengthy periods of time; issue and record issuance of security keys or other Central Control duties as prescribed for.

Exercise appropriate judgment in handling of special needs situations or inmates; provide assistance in classification of inmates.

Communicate effectively and coherently with other staff or inmates with approved facility communication devices including the telephone system, intercom system and a portable radio; demonstrate effective communication skills with inmates, public and staff within the facility, court or other applicable arenas of law enforcement.

Maintain general security of detention center and county offices; stop penetrations and escapes; pursue fleeing inmates; perform rescue and other security related duties which may involve quickly entering or exiting secured areas, lifting or dragging heavy objects, climbing through openings, jumping over obstacles, crawling in or through confined areas, running distances to provide assistance, using bodily force to gain entry to areas requiring assistance, continuous foot patrol, repetitive climbing of stairs, performing dangerous duties without assistance and/or in hazardous conditions.

Perform searches of people, vehicles, mail items, objects capable of concealing contraband, buildings, indoor and outdoor areas which may involve feeling or detecting objects, walking, kneeling, bending or stooping for long periods of time.

Engage in functions in confined areas including direct/indirect supervision of inmates, dietary services, health care services, equipment accountability, working rotating shifts and responding to facility when requested during off-duty hours.

Maintain control over inmates by always being aware of their location and documenting such.

Administer basic emergency first-aid.

Transport or escort inmates (hostile, aggressive, passive, etc.) using handcuffs and other approved restraints in accordance to policy and procedure; stand for long periods of time when necessary to provide security or for safety reasons. Conduct extradition assignments.

Maintain fire safety; extinguish small fires; appropriately report and act in accordance to Post Orders; apply and operate a ASelf Contained Breathing Apparatus; inspect areas for fire prevention purposes; participate in fire prevention activities; detect environmental conditions such as heat or smoke, unusual or excessive noise or alarms, odors, etc.

Read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents including the processing of such documents as medical instructions, commitment or release orders, summons and other documents.

Possess manual dexterity and sufficient digits to manipulate keys, keyboards and buttons, manually operate heavy doors, count and collect inventory items, qualify with a firearm in accordance to policy and procedure for use under conditions of stress that justify the use of deadly force.

Read computer and camera screens, distinguish colors, possess full field of view while supervising inmates, be able to understand and utilize the detention center computer program in all of its aspects.

Load, unload, aim and fire from a variety of body positions firearms utilized and prescribed for by departmental policy and procedure

Maintain weapon, equipment and uniforms in functional condition as prescribed for by departmental policy.

Additional Information

The Goshen County Sheriff's Department is a progressive agency located in SE Wyoming. The agency is directed by the Sheriff. An Undersheriff and Captain oversee the daily operations of all divisions.

The patrol division has 9 authorized positions and each deputy is issued a "take home" unit. Each vehicle is equipped with a two-way digital radio system, video camera, RADAR unit, mobile data terminal and all emergency equipment to include emergency lighting, sirens, automated external defibrillators, first aid kits, crime scene kits, shot guns, M160 rifle and other misc. supplies.

The detention division has 13 authorized officers including three sergeants. The jail is modern and well taken care of. Constructed in 1997 and an expansion in 1999, the detention center houses up to 90 inmates and holds prisoners for federal, state and other local agencies. The facility consists of 7 housing units, a library, medical center, dietary services division and a central control center. The Central Control Center is staffed by certified dispatchers assigned to control all movement within the facility. Each housing unit has a video camera(s) for security display and recording. Health Care Services is staffed by three nurses/assistants and provides all health care needs in-house. A facility physician visits twice weekly.

The agency provides all uniforms: 3 Short Sleeve/3 Long Sleeve/3 Pants/Badge-Misc Duty Pins/Ballistic Vests/Duty belts that include Glock .40 Firearm, baton, Taser, handcuffs, pepper spray, flashlights and keys. The department provides an annual allowance of $100 for footwear. All equipment is considered new or in great condition.

Benefits inlcude: A regionally competitive salary; Health Care Insurance (Paid by County); Additional Premium healt care insurance plan (employee paid); Life Insurance; Fully paid retirement (14.98%); Excellent training programs; Educational reimbursement program (field related); Meals.

Goshen County Residents enjoy the following: State Personal Income Tax: None State Corporate Income Tax: None State Inventory Tax: None State Sales Tax: 5% except for food. Property Taxes: Industrial Assessed at 11.5% of market value Commercial Assessed at 9.5% of market value Residential Assessed at 9.5% of market value Lodging Tax: 3% Total Average Mill Levy: .069576 Sample: $100,000 retail value of land and industrial building is assessed at 11.5% and then multiplied by the mill levy. 100,000 X .115 = 11,500 11,500 X .069576 = $799.70

State Fuel Tax: 14 cents per gallon

Community Services Libraries: 2 Day Care Centers: 22 Churches: 32 Commercial: Hotels/Motels 7 Total Rooms 225 RV Parks 8 Total Spaces 210 Convention Facilities 4 Capacity 600/150/100/50 Medical Facilities: Hospitals 1 Total Beds 25 Nursing Home 1 Total Beds 75 Doctors 10 Dentists 3 Advanced Life Support EMS Recreation: Baseball Fields 7 Swimming Pools 2 Rec. Center 1 Soccer Fields 1 Tennis Courts 5 Golf Course 18 Holes Parks 7 Softball Fields 4 Goshen Co. Sportsman Club Area attractions: 2 museums, Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Hawk Springs Reservoir, Bird Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Fishing, Unique Historical and Pre-Historic Dig Sites, Eastern Wyoming College Fine Arts, Jay Em Historic Tour, Rawhide Wildlife Area, All Major Western Historic Trails pass through Goshen County.

Job Requirements

  • Age: : 19
  • Education: : Desire AA/AAS
  • Experience: : N/A

Wyoming POST Requirements:

Be a United States citizen; Be an adult(GCSO sets 19 years of age as a minimum); Be fingerprinted. Local, state and national fingerprint files shall be searched to determine if the applicant has a criminal record; Not have been convicted of a crime for which he could have been imprisoned in a federal penitentiary or state prison; Hold a high school diploma or evidence of an equivalent achievement; Have good moral character as determined by a background investigation. The hiring agency shall complete a background investigation as defined by the commission of any applicant for employment as a peace officer before the applicant may be employed or begin training as a peace officer; Be free of any physical, emotional or mental conditions which might adversely affect his performance of duty as a peace officer. Physical condition shall be evaluated by a person licensed to practice medicine. Emotional and mental conditions shall be evaluated by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist; Pass an oral interview examination by the hiring agency.

Additionally: Applicant must complete physical agility assessment.

Contact Informaton

Bryan Morehouse

Goshen County Sheriff's Dept.
2120 East B Street
Torrington, Wyoming 82240
phone: (307) 532-4026

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