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University of California, Irvine Police Department - Irvine, California

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$31.13 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$35.28 hourly
$38.77 hourly
Top Pay:
$42.66 hourly

Job Description

A Police Recruit is a temporary classification used to qualify and train candidates under-filling permanent Police Officer positions. The Police Officer Trainee participates in a California Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified law enforcement training academy to learn, through formal classroom instruction, the basic police procedures, techniques, and laws required to perform the duties of a University of California Police Officer.

Under the direction of a Police Sergeant, sworn personnel are expected to perform regular law enforcement duties including: foot, bicycle and/or vehicle patrol of the University of California properties (campus, medical center, residential areas and off-campus affiliated properties/areas), investigate crimes and prepare preliminary investigation reports, issue citations, make arrests, assist in the prosecution of law violators, provide crime prevention information and serve as a proactive resource to a uniquely diverse community. Sworn personnel must adhere to departmental policies, procedures, general orders, Universitywide policies and administrative policies, University rules and regulations, and labor agreements. Sworn personnel report promptly, through the chain of command, any violation of departmental and Universitywide policies and procedures, criminal statutes or any other misbehavior committed by another employee that may affect the department, the University or the public. Sworn personnel initiate police action as necessary. Sworn personnel are responsible for the proper maintenance, use and operation of facilities, materials, supplies and assigned equipment. Sworn personnel promote University Police morale, work varied hours and perform tasks as assigned by a ranking officer. Sworn personnel may also work as part of a security detail with civilian employees and other law enforcement personnel at university events. Sworn personnel have the opportunity to participate in a number of work assignments such as bicycle patrol, dual sport motorcycle patrol, various training instructor positions, field training officer, detectives, and corporal. Sworn personnel must be able to assume the immediate responsibility of receiving and relaying information that may affect the safety of lives and property in and around the University and Medical Center. Sworn personnel must have the ability to safely and effectively use all department equipment, vehicles, computers, and tools as determined by the UCI Police Department. Sworn personnel perform other duties as assigned.

Full job description and application can be found at https://goo.gl/PLFTr8.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: Must be a high-school graduate or possess a GED certificate.
  • Experience: n/a

Must be a U.S. citizen (resident aliens are eligible if they have applied for citizenship at least one year prior to taking the written test).

Must complete an extensive background check, medical examination, psychological examination and polygraph examination.

Maintain training and certification standards mandated by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

Possess the ability to maintain a calm and professional demeanor while helping individuals under a variety of circumstances, both routine and critical in nature.

Ability to analyze information quickly and accurately in order to assess the nature of a call to assign priorities and coordinate a proper patrol response.

Ability to make independent decisions under broad, general supervision regarding the use of available resources in life-threatening situations. Often, these decisions must be made under psychologically and/or physically demanding conditions and frequently with no direct supervision.  

Ability to understand, read, write and speak English, using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Ability to use precise language and write in a logical, concise and chronological manner.

Must be able to learn Orange County Communication's radio codes and commonly used California criminal and vehicle code sections, city ordinances and University of California administrative enforcement codes.

Knowledge of radio and audio recording equipment operations, and computer equipment operations. Familiarity with standard alphabetical, numerical and chronological filing systems.

Ability to work as a member of a team, which includes communicating effectively with colleagues in a high pressure environment.

Complete all POST-mandated training including Continuing Professional Training (CPT), legal updates and perishable skills.

Complete all University of California mandated training including sexual harassment, blood-borne pathogens, gas mask (Fit Test), child abuse reporting, CLETS user, etc.

Complete all online daily training bulletins (DTB).

Contact Informaton

Roland Chiu

University of California, Irvine Police Department
410 E. Peltason Drive
Irvine, California 92697
phone: (949) 285-6289

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