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Umatilla Tribal Police - Pendleton, Oregon

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$43,768.00 annual
$46,866.00 annual

Job Description


Performs law enforcement and crime prevention work, including patrol, and investigation. Enforce federal, state, and local laws. Perform related work as required

l. Patrols streets, businesses, and residential areas to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Issues warnings or citations for violations. Performs security checks for suspicious persons or vehicles.

  1. Responds to calls, including major crimes, civil complaints, thefts, assaults, family disputes, and takes appropriate action.

  2. Maintains written records and prepares reports necessary for accident and crime investigations, crime prevention, prosecution, and office activities.

  3. Conducts investigations and interrogations. Gathers evidence and interviews victims and witnesses.

  4. Renders credible testimony in all courts of law.

  5. Serves criminal warrants, applicable court orders, and subpoenas.

  6. Performs crime prevention activities that include surveillance patrols and dissemination of information to the public. 8. Makes arrests, books and searches prisoners, transports prisoners.

  7. Investigates drug activity, reports and maintain surveillance of suspected drug activity. Meets with informants, gathers, evaluates, and distributes information to proper agencies.

  8. Participates in public relations programs, which may include speaking to citizen and/or school groups.

  9. Directs road traffic, delivers emergency messages, responds and provides assistance to other law enforcement agencies.

  10. Other duties as assigned by Patrol Sergeant/Chief of Police. SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY: None SIGNATORY AUTHORITY:

REQUIRED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (It is the responsibly writing he/she does meet the following minimum qualifications.)

  1. Be a citizen of the United States.

  2. Be at least 2I years of age.

  3. Be of good moral character.

  4. Be a high school graduate or possess an approved GED.

  5. Be free from physical, emotional or mental condition, which might adversely affect your ability to perform as a police officer.

  6. Possess a valid Oregon driver's license and meet insurance requirements to drive GSA/tribally owned vehicles.

  7. Have no felony convictions.

  8. Be able to render credible testimony in all courts of law.

  9. Be able to pass a DPSST required l2th grade reading/writing exam.


  1. Possession of an Oregon DPSST Basic Police certificate Police Officer Public Safety Page 2 of 5 Revised: 6ll4l18; 10/4118

  2. Knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. English, grammar, and spelling. Some knowledge of investigative procedures, the gathering and preservation of evidence, interviewing, and interrogation techniques.

  3. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbal and in writing. Understand and appropriately act on verbal and written instructions. 'Work independently and perform appropriately and effectively in emergency situations. Make decisions quickly based on knowledge available. Prepare complete and accurate reports. Deal tactfully with the public. Maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, other departments, law enforcement agencies, and the public. Adapt to changing situations and priorities. Physically perform assigned work. Work all shifts assigned.

  4. Skill in the safe operation of law enforcement equipment, including firearms, motor vehicles, and other related law enforcement equipment.

  5. Experience and training which demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the above described duties.


  1. Ability to perform under stressful and exhaustive physical demands.

  2. Ability to deal with violent and combative individuals requiring considerable physical effort.

  3. Ability to pursue and apprehend fleeing suspects on foot.

  4. Operate police vehicles and may be required to sit for extended periods while performing various duties.

  5. Work all types of shifts and hours, and all types of indoor and outdoor environments.

  6. Safely and effectively handle and accurately shoot firearms.


  1. Completed Tribal Employment application.

  2. Cover letter explaining your qualifications and experience relevant to the functions of this position.

  3. Personal resume identifying your qualifications and experiences relevant to the functions of this position.

  4. Completed CTUIR's Supplemental Application Form if applicable.

  5. High School Diploma/GED or copy of official college transcripts (if applicable).

  6. Tribal and Indian preference: Must provide copy of Tribal Enrollment Card, Certificate of Indian Blood or such with Federally Recognized Tribe.

  7. Veteran's preference: Must provide proof of honorable service and discharge or completed Form DD2l4.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: Entry to Lateral

Contact Informaton

Patty Farrow

Umatilla Tribal Police
46411 TiMene Way
Pendleton, Oregon 97801
phone: 541-276-3570

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