Wildwood Police Department - Wildwood, New Jersey

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$13.00 hourly

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SUMMER ACADEMY - ** This posting is for the Summer Academy Only**



The Summer Academy is a full time academy beginning in early May and graduates just prior to the July 4th Holiday Weekend. Recruits will attend the Academy six days a week with class days ranging from eight to twelve hours. Applicants interested in attending the Summer Academy should submit their application online through no later than January 31st of the calendar year.


The City of Wildwood is one of New Jersey’s premier shore resort communities which boast a World Famous Beach and Boardwalk. The pristine beaches of Wildwood have been enjoyed by thousands of visitors each and every year, and the Wildwood Boardwalk is revered to have more amusement rides then Disney World. Wildwood's year round population is approximately 5,500 but this number significantly increases during the summer, and swells in excess of one hundred thousand visitors or more during the various Holiday weekends. Although the City of Wildwood is a small municipality, we maintain a larger proportionate number of the more serious criminal infractions than other surrounding communities. These indices are due to the increased volume of tourists to our small community, significantly more licensed liquor establishments, as well as playing host to hundreds of special events throughout the season. The Seasonal Law Enforcement Officers that work in the City of Wildwood can gain experience in all areas of law enforcement due to the  high volume of calls for service, which enhanced their opportunity to obtain valuable police experience that cannot be matched. The City of Wildwood is a very diverse community and only applicants that possess strong intelligence, good moral character and are in excellent physical condition, will be successful in obtaining a position within our Agency.  Officers must be level headed, professional and courteous at all times, and possess the ability to take charge of the situation and ensure proper action is taken.


Class II Police Officers, upon successful completion of the Cape May County Police Academy, are certified to carry the departmental issued firearm while on duty. The general duties assigned to our Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers are more commonly foot patrol, bicycle patrol and some motor patrol assignments. Officers are tasked with responding to calls for police services, initiating proactive police/civilian contacts, the enforcement of New Jersey Criminal Violations (Title 2C), Motor Vehicle Law (Title 39) as well as Wildwood's Municipal Local Ordinances. Additionally officers will be required to collect information related to civil and criminal investigations, complete reports related to those investigations, secure witnesses, crime scenes, evidence, processing of arrests, to include fingerprinting and photographing of offenders, testify in criminal proceedings and provide for municipal court security.  The Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers are the backbone of the Wildwood Police Department and are a paramount component to our professional organization.


  • Minimum wage while attending the Cape May Co. Police Academy
  • Increase to $13.00 per hour upon successful graduation
  • Increases of $0.50 to $1.00 increments per hour for each subsequent year

Additional Information


Job Requirements

  • Age: At least 18 years of age.
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: N/A

Interested Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for this program:

  • ** Must be eighteen (18) years old**
  • ** Citizen of the United States**
  • ** Read, write, and speak the English language well and intelligently**
  • ** Have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent**
  • ** Must possess a valid Driver's License**
  • ** Good moral character, sound body and in good health**
  • ** Not convicted of any offense involving dishonesty or which would make the person unfit to perform the duties of the office.**

Contact Informaton

Cara S

Wildwood Police Department
4400 New Jersey Ave
Wildwood, New Jersey 08260
phone: (855) 720-2777

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