Patrol Deputy

Fayette County Sheriff's Office, La Grange, TX - La Grange, Texas

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$19.37 hourly

Job Description

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office in La Grange, TX has a Patrol Deputy Position opening.

Deputies have the primary function of patrolling the rural areas of this county. While on patrol they are responsible for answering assigned radio calls, and conducting preliminary investigative work. They must possess an ability to deal effectively with the general public. This includes communicating effectively and reacting calmly, quickly and accurately in emergency situations.

Deputies must be able to:

  1. Prepare thorough written reports of all incidents as they occur.

  2. Make arrests pursuant to authority described in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and, in general, enforce the laws of the State of Texas.

  3. Serve warrants and civil papers.

  4. Give on-the-job training to a deputy - trainee.

  5. Prepare cases, discuss pending cases with prosecuting attorney, and appear as a witness before the Grand Jury.

Deputies shall exercise sound judgment within the limits prescribed by laws, rules, regulations, and departmental policies, with guidance from their supervisors. Their work is subject to review by supervising officers through activity reports and observation.

Additional Information

Starting salary is $40,300 annually, then increasing at 6mos and again at 1yr to $41,800 annually. Pay for Patrol Deputies maxes at $46,320, with ability to promote out of patrol to increase salary.

Incentive pay per year:

Master- $1,800

Advanced- $1,200

Intermediate- $600

FTO Certified- $300

Instructor Cerfitified- $300

LEMIT- $300

Associates Degree- $360

Bachelor Degree- $480

Pay is once monthly, however we have an abundance of EJs available to us weekly. Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance. Current opening is night shift work with every other weekend off. Holidays, Sick, and Comp time provided.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: HS Diploma & TCOLE Peace Officer License required
  • Experience: None required

Contact Informaton

Angela Lala

Fayette County Sheriff's Office, La Grange, TX
La Grange, Texas
phone: 979-968-5856

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