Analyst, Professional Standards

Polk County School Board - Bartow, Florida

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$18.00 annual

Job Description

++Custom Job Purpose:++ This position exists to investigate complaints against School Board employees; prepare documentation of investigations and follow-up activities.

++Essential Functions of this Job++:

Plans and develops procedures and policies for the prevention and investigation of employee misconduct. Assists the Director of Employee and Labor Relations with contract administration and managing employee problems by acting as a liaison between management and employees. Serves on contract negotiating teams. Assists in investigating grievances. Prepares documents, case materials, and other data for disciplinary and unemployment hearings. Screens criminal history of job applicants and conducts other background checks as necessary. Prepares reports and other documentation as necessary.

++Non-Essential Functions of this Job:++

Performs other duties as assigned.

++Knowledge, Skills and Abilities++:

Awareness of school board policy, federal and state statutes and proper investigative procedures. Considerable knowledge of personnel management concepts and practices and the ability to analyze facts and to exercise a high degree of independent judgment in arriving at conclusions. Considerable knowledge of effective interview and investigative techniques and the ability to utilize such knowledge. Knowledge of personnel policies, procedures, and laws. Ability to communicate effectively with employees and the public, and to prepare concise and comprehensive reports and written correspondence. Bilingual/biliterate preferred.

Additional Information

Seeking a self-starter with initiative and great work ethic, able to work independently as well with our HR team. Must be detail-oriented. Investigations may require work outside of the normal 8 am - 5 pm schedule. Complete an Online Employment Application, send a cover letter of interest, three (3) letters of professional reference to , and required writing assignment (see below). Required Writing Assignment: In four pages or less describe the most significant investigation that you have conducted. Specifically detail the situation, your actions, and the findings resulting from the investigation. Redact to maintain confidentiality. Salary Range $42,431 - $65,090

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21 years or older
  • Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience: Investigative law enforcement and interview experience preferred but not required. Experience in personnel management or human resources preferred.

++Work Context++:

Requires some sitting and standing, walking and moving about to coordinate work. Requires the use of alternative communication systems, such as electronic mail, telephones and computers. Requires coordination of work tasks to establish priorities, set goals and meet deadlines. Requires face-to-face discussions and contact with individuals and/or teams. Requires work with internal and external contacts, and with the public

++Physical Environment:++. Requires working indoors in environmentally controlled conditions. Requires sitting for the majority of the day, and the ability to lift, carry, move and/or position objects infrequently weighing up to 20 pounds.

Contact Informaton

Tony Kirk

Polk County School Board
Bartow, Florida
phone: 863-534-0781 Ext. 553

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