El Paso County Sheriff's Office - Colorado Springs, Colorado

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$30.01 hourly

Job Description

Performs forensic laboratory analysis of evidence and photo processing in support of criminal investigations. Testifies in court regarding collection and identity of evidence.

  • Responds to and assists in the investigation of crime scenes.
  • Takes measurements, sketches scenes, and takes detailed notes.
  • Identifies, collects, and preserves evidence utilizing a variety of methods.
  • Searches for and recovers latent prints.
  • Photographs and 3-D scans scenes.
  • Attends autopsies and recovers evidential items.
  • Prepares reports and crime scene diagrams.
  • Teaches forensic skills.
  • Remains proficient and current in crime analysis services, technology, innovations, and trends.
  • Maintains awareness of pertinent laws and regulations.
  • Testifies in court.
  • Maintains or replace equipment as needed.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: Associate's degree in forensic science, criminal justice or related field required
  • Experience: 2 years of full-time responsible investigatory, forensic, or related law enforcement experience. A Bachelor's degree in a related field may be considered in lieu of this experience.
  • Advanced experience in a specialized forensic science discipline or (e.g., bloodstain pattern analysis, tire and/or footwear impression, latent print comparison, crime scene reconstruction and event sequencing, firearms/ballistic examination, NIBIN, and AFIS) preferred.
  • Ability to review a crime scene and recognize what, where, and how evidence may be located and collected.
  • Ability to work closely with and at the direction of law enforcement officers.
  • Excellent report writing and analytical skills.
  • Attentiveness to details.
  • Computer skills.
  • Knowledge of photography and equipment.
  • Must be able to carry photographic and crime scene equipment on foot over rough terrain to reach and process remote crime scenes.
  • Ability to work various shifts, overtime, and be on-call on a rotating basis.
  • Must be honest, truthful, trustworthy, and possess a high degree of personal integrity.
  • Maintain regular and punctual attendance.
  • An equivalent combination of related education and experience may be substituted for the education and experience requirements above.
  • Must successfully pass a background investigation, truth verification examination, physical examination, motor vehicle record check and pre-employment drug screen.

Contact Informaton

Johanna Seeling

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
101 W. Costilla
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
phone: 1 719 520 7412

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