Lateral Police Officer

Baltimore County Police Department - Towson, Maryland

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$58,114.00 annual

Job Description


This job announcement may close at any time with little or no notice. All interested candidates must apply at this time. Currently processing for a potential/additional lateral class within the next year.

**You MUST meet the following requirements before you can be hired as a Lateral Police Officer: **

· Must have at least two (2) years' experience with a full-service law enforcement agency **at time of appointment with Baltimore County. **

· If Maryland Law enforcement officer, must have current MPCTC certification.

· If out of state law enforcement officer, must have current certification through state of employment.

· Former law enforcement officers who have a break in service of less than 12 months may apply.

· Must be a citizen of the United States.

· Must pass the physical agility examination.

· Must satisfactorily complete a medical examination.

· Must be of good moral character and emotionally stable, as determined by a comprehensive background investigation, psychological screening, polygraph examination, and periodic drug testing.

· Experience must contain the following job duties: responding to calls for service, enforcing state and local criminal laws, enforcing state and local traffic laws, making physical arrests, responding to highly stressful and/or hostile situations, investigating criminal and traffic incidents.

(NOTE: Transfer of credible years of service to the Baltimore County Employment Retirement System will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.)

Examples of Duties

Participates in all required training, both at the Police Academy and, subsequently on-the-job, to learn the duties of and maintain the proficiency requirements for the classification of Police Officer.

· Performs general patrol duties in a vehicle and on foot.

· Detects violations of laws and ordinances, and identifies wanted vehicles and persons.

· Operates patrol vehicles.

· Uses physical exertion to perform duties.

· Intervenes in fights, disarms suspects, pursues fleeing suspects, and restrains hostile individuals.

· Assists in crowd control activities.

· Responds to emergency situations and other calls to service.

· Administers emergency medical aid.

· Extinguishes small fires.

· Conducts initial and follow up investigations of crimes and various other incidents and events.

· Protects crime scenes, and collects evidence and information.

· Conducts searches and seizures. Locates and interviews witnesses.

· Searches, restrains, transports, and guards persons.

· Serves warrants and summonses.

· Conducts surveillance.

· Arrests and detains persons.

· Identifies and determines possible solutions to community crime problems.

· Attends and participates in community meetings.

· Performs security surveys.

· Establishes rapport with the public.

· Mediates disputes.

· Advises victims, suspects, and the general public of rights and processes.

· Performs crisis mediation with persons involved in domestic and civil disputes, suspects attempting suicide, and in hostage situations.

· Communicates effectively over law enforcement radio channels and through computer networks.

· Prepares investigative and administrative reports and forms, arrest warrants and statements of charges using appropriate grammar and math.

· Prepares detailed case documentation and presents testimony in court.

· Enforces traffic laws and ordinances, and investigates traffic accidents.

· Operates various types of radar and breathalyzer equipment.

· Administers roadside sobriety tests.

· Arranges for blood or other chemical tests.

· Directs traffic.

· Executes motor vehicle stops. Issues criminal and traffic citations.

· Inspects and maintains all assigned equipment, including vehicles, firearms, and clothing. Uses deadly weapons.

Examples of Other Duties Conducts investigations of a specialized nature, including homicide, vice, narcotics, arson, auto theft, robbery, family and sex crimes. Provides specialized operational support to field units such as the hostage negotiation, tactical, canine and marine units. Police Officers working in specialized units may testify as expert witnesses. Provides administrative and technical support throughout the Department. Performs other related duties as required.

(NOTE: The duties and responsibilities listed above are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications for all positions in this class. They may not include all of the essential job functions of each position in the class. Each position may not be required to perform all of the essential job functions listed.)


Age Requirement Applicants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

Physical Requirements Applicants are subject to a test of physical ability and a medical examination. Persons appointed to this classification must be able to safely perform the duties of the position without posing a threat to the health or safety of themselves or others. A medical examination may be used to determine fitness for duty.

Character Requirements Applicants must subject to a comprehensive background investigation, psychological screening, polygraph examination, and drug test. Persons appointed to this classification must be of good moral character and emotionally stable and are subject to periodic drug testing.

Citizenship Requirements All applicants must be citizens of the United States at the time of application.

Licenses and Certificates Possession of a valid driver's license equivalent to a noncommercial, class C Maryland driver's license is required at the time of application.


Qualified applicants will be assigned a rating based on an evaluation of their training and experience, as submitted on their application and supplemental questions.

Physical Agility Test Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications of this job posting will be invited to participate in the physical agility testing scheduled to start immediately.

You will be sent an email about the physical agility test date, time, and location by the Police Department.

Please click on the link below to print out the **BALTIMORE COUNTY PRE-ENTRANCE PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST WAIVER FORM. **This form must be signed by a physician in order to take the physical agility test. ++ ++(Download PDF reader)++ Be sure to allow enough time for your doctor to complete this form.

Applicants who fail to bring a completed and signed Physical Agility Waiver with them to the physical agility test will not be allowed to participate.

The physical agility test includes:

· sit-up test - measures abdominal and hip flexor muscular endurance

· push up test - measures muscular endurance of the upper body

· 1.5 mile run - measures cardiovascular capacity

If you have any questions about the Police Officer physical agility testing process, contact a police recruiter at 410-887-5542 or visit ++the Recruitment web section++ to learn more about the physical agility test requirements.

Conditions of Employment

Employees in this classification may be assigned to work on either a rotating or fixed shift basis, which will include nights, evenings, weekends, and/or holidays. Employees in this classification are subject to call to duty in emergencies, and may be required to work overtime with little or no notice. Upon completion of the academy training, officers will be assigned to a precinct or traffic post at the discretion of the Police Department.

Physical and Environmental Conditions The work of this classification entails frequent walking, standing, and the operation of vehicles and firearms. Work requires exposure to potentially hazardous law enforcement and public safety activities, and conditions such as adverse weather and armed and dangerous persons.

Medical Examination and Comprehensive Background Investigation Applicants selected for an appointment to a position in Baltimore County must successfully complete a physical examination and drug screen and a comprehensive background investigation which includes but not limited to a criminal background check, psychological and polygraph examination, and fingerprinting.

Additional Information

Equal Opportunity Employer Baltimore County is an equal opportunity employer and encourages minority, female and disabled applicants.

Smoke free workplace All Baltimore County offices are smoke free.

Drug free workplace Baltimore County provides a drug free workplace. Prospective employees are required to submit to urinalysis drug testing as part of the pre-employment physical examination.


Annual Salary review - Step increases may be granted on anniversary date based on satisfactory job performance General Increases - Cost of living increases and adjustments may be granted as legislated. Longevity Increases - In accordance with the specific pay schedule, a full-time merit or classified employee may receive a longevity increase, equivalent to one step, upon completion of a certain number of years of classified service with the County.

Employee Assistance Program Our Employee Assistance Program provides confidential and professional assessment and referral assistance for employees and eligible dependents in the household who are experiencing personal problems that may be affecting work performance, job satisfaction, or overall quality of life.

Health Insurance Health Insurance benefits elected become effective the first day of the month following the date of hire if the employee has completed online enrollment prior to that date. New employees must enroll within thirty (30) calendar days of hire. Plans offered include:

Medical, Prescription, Dental and Vision insurance.

Flexible Spending Accounts Opportunity to set aside pre-tax dollars, through payroll deduction, for eligible not reimbursed medical care expenses and/or dependent care costs.

Life Insurance Employees may elect basic term life insurance for themselves equal to one time the employee's annual salary, rounded to the next higher $1,000. Employees contribute a portion of the premium through monthly payroll deductions. The County also offers an Additional/Employee paid Life Insurance plan with coverage up to $100,000.

Paid Leave Paid benefits listed below vary depending upon the Classification.

Sick Leave Vacation Leave Personal Leave Holidays Bereavement Leave Jury Leave Military Leave

Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union Membership in Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union offers a full range of savings programs, loans, checking, direct deposit, payroll deduction, savings bonds, and other financial services.


25 year retirement. Transfer of credible service is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Direct Deposit Payroll through direct deposit to the financial institution selected by employee is required.

Educational Assistance 70 to 80 percent tuition reimbursement following successful completion of pre-approved courses related to position. Amount of reimbursement and fiscal year dollar limitations vary with bargaining group.

Deferred Compensation Nationwide Retirement Solutions offers a 457B retirement plan allowing for payroll contributions of tax deferred dollars to investment options of your choice.

Disclaimer This is only a summary of benefits and policies in Baltimore County. Any benefit or policy may be changed at any time at the discretion of the administration. This summary does not constitute an express or implied contract, nor does it constitute a guarantee that your employment relationship will continue for any specified period of time or end only under certain conditions.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21 years of age at the time of application.
  • Education: Must have a high school diploma, GED, or an appropriate equivalent
  • Experience: See above

Contact Informaton

Officer Knox

Baltimore County Police Department
700 E Joppa Rd
Towson, Maryland 21286
phone: 410-887-5542

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