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Forensic Science Section Supervisor

The City of Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona

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Entry Level Salary:
$69,950.00 annual
Academy Graduate:
$10,441.00 annual

Job Description

Job Title: Forensic Science Section Supervisor Job ID: 7548 Location: Professional & Supervisory The Forensic Science Section Supervisor position supervises and manages the activities of the Police Department’s Forensic Science Laboratory and performs highly specialized forensic science evaluations in the areas of controlled substances, toxicology, forensic biology, firearms and tool marks, trace/comparative analysis, arson analysis, questioned documents, evidence processing, quality assurance, and latent comparative. Supervisors plan, schedule, supervise, and evaluate work and activities of Laboratory Services Bureau Sections; assign cases and perform scientific analyses; prepare technical and management reports; provide expert testimony in court; provide technical advice and guidance to Section personnel and to members of the criminal justice system; approve scientific methodology and purchase of sophisticated scientific instrumentation; act as a liaison between assigned Section and other bureaus and agencies; and perform related work as requested. RECRUITMENT DATES Recruitment may close when we have received a sufficient number of qualified applications. SALARY $69,950 - $104,416 annually JOB REQUIREMENTS To meet the minimum qualifications for this recruitment, you must have: * Bachelor’s degree in a natural science (i.e., Biology, Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biological Physics, Forensic Science), criminalistics, or a closely related field. * Six years of progressively responsible experience in a forensic science laboratory, performing laboratory analyses; * Two years at a supervisory, acting supervisory, or lead level; and * An equivalent combination of relevant experience and education may be considered. * Working irregular hours, shifts, weekends, holidays, and evenings may be required. * Positions in the Police Department must meet the polygraph and background standards that are appropriate to non-sworn positions. The general factors for disqualification are listed at http://phoenix.gov/webcms/groups/internet/@inter/@dept/@hr/documents/web_content/pdciviliandisqualifiers.pdf PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS A well-qualified candidate will possess the job requirements listed above plus experience in one of the following disciplines: Latent Print Comparative Section:Performs all work related to the comparison of latent prints recovered from crime scenes and evidence submitted to the Laboratory Services Bureau. Knowledge and experience of principles, methods, and current techniques used in friction ridge analysis is highly desirable. Toxicology:Performs analysis on blood and urine samples for alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and other substances. In addition, this position provides support for the breath testing program by maintaining and performing calibration checks on the instruments, and provides expert testimony in these areas. Having documented competency in at least two or more of the above areas of analyses is highly desirable. Trace Evidence:Involves the examination and comparison of evidence to include, but not limited to, fibers, paint, glass, hair, tape, explosives, soil, and gunshot residue (GSR). Having documented competency in at least one or more of the above examinations is highly desirable.

Additional Information

Forensic Biology:Involves the examination of forensic evidence for the presence of biological materials including blood, semen, saliva, cells, urine, and fecal material. DNA analysis involves the extraction, quantitation, analysis, and interpretation of forensic DNA samples isolated from the materials listed above. Knowledge and experience of principles, methods, materials, equipment, and current techniques used in forensic biology screening and/or DNA is highly desirable. Firearms Examination: Includes the examination and testing of firearms, the comparison of fired cartridge components, and scene reconstruction such as muzzle to target estimations. Having documented competency in at least one or more of the above examinations is highly desirable. Evidence Processing: Involves the chemical processing and photographing of latent prints and / or the examination of forensic evidence for the presence of biological materials including blood, semen, saliva, cells, urine, and fecal material. Knowledge and experience of principles, methods, materials, equipment, and current techniques used in chemical processing for latent prints and/or forensic biology screening is highly desirable. Controlled Substances: Includes the analysis of drug evidence such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, diverted prescription drugs, and steroids. Having documented competency in the above examinations is highly desirable. Questioned Documents: Includes the analysis of paper and other material with regards to handwriting, typewriting, ink comparison, erasures, alterations, obliterations, check washing, and forged documents. Having documented competency is highly desirable. HOW TO APPLY You may also want to consider applying for the similar titles Forensic ScientistIIIand Forensic Scientist IV at the same time. To do so, return to the job listing by clicking on Return to Previous Page. Then check the boxes next to the job titles, and click on “Apply Now.” Apply on-line by completing the required information and attaching your cover letter and resume. In your cover letter or resume, please provide sufficient detail to clarify your qualifications for the education and forensic laboratory experience requirements in one or more of the following disciplines INCLUDING your supervisory experience: * Controlled Substances * Evidence Processing * Forensic Biology * Latent Print Comparison * Toxicology * Trace Evidence and Arson * Questioned Documents * Firearms Examination YOUR COVER LETTERANDRESUME,PLUSANY OTHER REQUESTED MATERIAL, MUST BE INONEATTACHMENT. Only online applications are accepted for this position. The results of the initial resume screening process will be sent to the primary email address you provide when you apply. REFERENCE Forensic Science Section Supervisor, Job Code 62950, ID #7548, 10-01-12, LN, Benefits Code: supv City of Phoenix employees demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround time, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service. Apply Here: http://www.Click2Apply.net/f69td67

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 6 years

Contact Informaton

Human Resources

The City of Phoenix
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Phoenix, Arizona 85003
phone: (888) 888-8888

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