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Folly Beach Public Safety Dept. - Folly Beach, South Carolina

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$45,434.00 annual
Top Pay:
$49,141.00 annual

Job Description

  • Supervises officers; plans, schedules, and assigns work; informs officers of new rules, regulations, legislation, or other changes in working conditions; instructs officers in correct methods and procedures; trains officers in safe operation of equipment; monitors and inspects work in progress; reviews and evaluates employee performance; counsels employees and implements disciplinary action as needed.
  • Monitors staffing to ensure that an adequate number of officers are scheduled each day; monitors training hours to ensure each officer receives adequate in-service training during the training year.
  • Assumes command of law enforcement and fire suppression (when qualified) activities at the scene of crimes, search and rescue, fire scenes, or other major emergencies, or when directed.
  • Receives citizen complaints regarding officer misconduct and investigates the incident or find the complaint either unfounded or refer complainant to internal affairs for further investigation.
  • Responds to routine calls to assist officers and observe/evaluate their performance in various situations; responds to locations of critical situations, takes command of the scene, evaluates the situation, determines tasks needed, assigns officers to perform each task and ensure the situation is handled properly and efficiently; prepares necessary documentation after the incident.
  • Ensures officers are in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, departmental rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and orders.
  • Works on rotating shifts or set schedules performing security patrols, traffic control and investigation, first aid at accidents, detection, incident investigation and arrest of persons involved in crimes or misconduct and other activities related to the enforcement of laws and protection of life and property. May be assigned to special operations or fire suppression as required by the Director.
  • Responds to fire emergencies including vehicles, woods, grass, structures, and miscellaneous fires; operates fire truck, pump and auxiliary equipment; participates in fire suppression activities including search and rescue, fire attack, ventilation, exposure protection, and property salvage; obtains proper pressures on various fire attack hose lines; lays and connects hoses, holds nozzles and directs tog, chemical, and water stream, raises and climbs ladders, and uses chemical extinguishers, bars, hooks, lines, and related equipment; participates in clean up and salvation operations.
  • Detects drunk drivers and performs sobriety evaluations as well as general observations of DUI suspect speech, appearance, comprehension of instructions, and performance; books DUI suspects and completes all related reports and records.
  • May assume additional supervisory and administrative duties in the absence of the Public Safety Director.
  • Checks building doors, windows, gates, and fences to ensure building is secured; reports any buildings, vehicles, or equipment that is not secured; ensures the safety and well-being of all employees on duty; assists in maintaining a pre-fire plan for businesses within the fire district.
  • Maintains normal availability by radio or telephone for consultation on major emergencies.
  • Carries out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances.
  • Patrols City streets, parks, commercial, and residential areas to preserve the peace and enforce the law, control vehicular traffic, prevent or detect and investigate misconduct involving misdemeanors, felonies and other law violations, and to otherwise serve and protect; arrest and process prisoners including booking, fingerprinting and photographing.
  • Performs emergency aid activities, commensurate with level of training and certification, including administering first aid and providing other assistance as required.
  • Participates in scheduled and unscheduled continuing education and training.

Additional Information

  • Participates in the inspection of buildings, fire hydrants and other structures to promote crime and fire prevention programs.
  • Maintains fire equipment, apparatus, and facilities; performs minor repairs to departmental equipment.
  • Performs general maintenance work in the upkeep of public safety facilities and equipment; makes minor repairs; washes, hangs and dries hose; washes, cleans, polishes, maintains and tests apparatus and equipment; maintains personal hygiene in accordance with departmental policy and procedures.
  • Assists in developing plans for special assignments such as emergency preparedness, hazardous communications, training programs, firefighting, hazardous materials, and emergency aid activities.
  • Responds to emergency radio calls, including fire calls alarms, vehicular accidents, hazardous material incidents; investigates robberies, civil disturbances, domestic disputes, fights, drunkenness, missing children, prowlers, abuse of drugs, etc.; takes appropriate public safety action.
  • Interrogates suspects, witnesses and drivers; preserves evidence; arrests violators; investigates and renders assistance at scene of vehicular accidents; summons ambulances and other law enforcement vehicles; takes measurements and draws diagrams of scene.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations of crimes committed during assignment shift; seeks out and questions victim, witnesses and suspects; develops leads and tips; searches scene of crimes for clues; analyzes and evaluates evidence and arrests offenders; prepares cases for giving testimony and testifies in court proceedings.
  • Prepares and maintains a variety of reports and records, including Officer’s Daily Log, reports of investigation, field interrogation reports, alcohol reports, influence reports, Datamaster check list, Vehicle Impoundment Form, Traffic Hazard Report, etc.
  • Undertakes community oriented police work and assists citizens with such matters as locked or stalled vehicles, crime prevention, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), traffic safety, fire prevention education, etc., as assigned.
  • Maintains availability for court appearances and testimony, assists the prosecutor’s office in preparing presentation of testimony and/or evidence; responds to subpoenas by attending court trials and provides court testimonies as required.
  • Performs public relations activities; speaks to students, civic groups, and other community organizations regarding drug awareness, fire prevention and safety, crime prevention, traffic safety, handgun safety, and other related areas; gives tours of facilities.
  • Participates in investigating criminal law violations occurring within the City limits, obtaining evidences and compiling information regarding these crimes, preparing cases for filing of charges, testifying in court and related activities.
  • Conducts public safety patrol activities, including directing traffic, investigation of reported or observed violations of law, and conducting patrol activities.
  • Coordinates activities with other officers or other City departments as needed , exchanges information with officers in other law enforcement agencies and obtains advice from the City Attorney and Municipal Judges regarding cases, policies and procedures, as needed and assigned.
  • Maintains contact with command staff personnel to coordinate investigation activities, provide mutual assistance during emergency situations and provides general information about Department activities.
  • Follows established and communicated safety rules and procedures and utilizes appropriate safety and personal protective equipment.
  • Documents performance activities of subordinate employees and performs performance evaluations.
  • Plans and executes special operations outside the normal routine patrol function.
  • May assume additional supervisory and administrative duties in the absence of the Director of Public Safety.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: 45 semester hours
  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Candidate must have a minimum of 45 accredited college semester hours with an associate’s degree preferred (or recognized combination of in-service/accredited college course), 5 years of full time police experience and able to pass an intensive hiring process to include a physical agility test. Applicants will be required to become certified in fire service.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a supervisory background and advanced degrees.

Contact Informaton

Lt. Andrew Gilreath

Folly Beach Public Safety Dept.
106 W. Cooper Ave.
Folly Beach, South Carolina 29439
phone: (843) 588-2433

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